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Breakdown - Duck and Clean

Body position is crucial to compete at the breakdown, "Duck & Clean" is about ensuring that the players hips are lower than his opponents, this enables the player to get lower and clean in a "Low to high" movement which is both safe and effective

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When competing at the breakdown it's essential to get underneath the opposition player trying to drive back a player who's in a strong position from above is extremely difficult. The lowest player will usually win the contest. You need to stay on your feet and balanced. This can be very difficult and requires a strong core my licks replace my head when I look up. Okay, so what I'm going to do This warm-up exercise is designed to give you endurance in the low bridging position. To develop the duck and clean technique begin was players working in groups of three with support player driving off a Defender. As you continue the intensity is increased and the roles are reversed the defender now makes tackle then gets back to their feet and attempt to clear away the support player bridging over the ball. The next progression adds an obstacle to players work against each other with tackle bags representing players on the ground. The players will step over the bags while staying low enough to win the rock contest. This game requires five players and involves to support players cleaning out a defender in a low position. And show all players have a try at each position.