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Breakdown - Tips to dominate

Head coach Dickon Edwards provides some technical background prior to the academy coaches going through some of the basic principles of the work that needs to be done on the floor during contact. Winning the collision is not only about when you are on your feet

Video Transcription

The wrestle to then present and the work you need to do on the floor to get Beyond The Tackle line. Which allows them to dominate and move quickly on the floor. So the groundwork principles and a and a theme that runs throughout our trainings about speed speed of movement. There was various techniques. It was rolling. There's a long presentation terms of just trying to find it other couldn't find his chest position the ball away from his body. Okay going to rotate his body pushing his feet through the floor and jackknifed in and rotate your upper body backwards. three four great examples of that What preempts all that? If you notice where the Defenders finished up in the majority of those instances was on their back? So when you flip that over you talk about the role the defender, it's really important that you finish any front to me to be. Okay, they move around your quality right to your right to your right. All right, and that's all I wanted to do for about 20 seconds and just drop it over. Tell him to present the ball pushing it out. Okay fellas just because when we are presenting the ball, what do we want to do when we're presenting it? Sorry present long. Yeah one. Yeah, I'm going to present a Let Go Jack protective for as long as we can show what night I do jokes to present it to and to an strong pushing away from your body. Let's go. So keep you on your body. As long as you can't bump keep you on your body now push it out push it out to answer to and give me a bit more time to presented by c chord Barney good Barney. Okay, still that fellas. He's coming. So what was it? What was the first point that we said we're going to go into two games in a minute on that and I'll explain the rules of the game in a second. But what was the first point that was said? About when we're going into contact solely manage the cost of check at the contact on after some footwork. Definitely that's going to give us a better chance of speed in the ball up into and falling all we want to fall right? So I've been done my footwork. I've beaten the player off half beating him is when he managed to tackle me. What can I do now to speed that ball up? Work on the floor, which is exactly that what we've been doing. All right in a second. We're going to juggle into the grid you're going to split yourselves into into two teams of five if that ball stops were turning over. Let's go. God really go good stuff for us. I saw that boy say Okay, last one. Okay, turn it over Blues your tuck it up. Play on Blues playing Blues go letting it cool looking at your looks. Good Bonnie, go down check up on it. Keep working keep keyword Kiki working. Well done. Well done. Keep fighting call it God calling lift it. And what else other things can you do to communicate in that bread down top speed the ball up telling where you are. If you want to early yeah, or what what am I going to tell him to do? Yeah, keep fighting. It might be that your legs. You drive your legs, okay. Go Chad great shot Max. Okay. Keep fighting. Okay, how can you fight to get that ball back? Yeah here yeah, so exactly that right. So it usually helps your car to present that ball as long as you can because then that ball as long as you can so we can use it. Can you see how we can use that man's body weight there because he's pinning us down. So then going to then get up all nice and long back to us. All right by doing that what else have we done to the Rock? None of it yet. So they've really got to be honest coming in through the gate.