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Coaching Philosophy - Contact is key

Head coach Dickon Edwards talks through the theory behind their approach to contact and why that approach is important in understanding how you want to play

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The as coaches you need to identify yourself about what your principles are initially about how he set your team up to play and then how you view contact is it an opportunity to promote the ball out of the contact as an offload off the floor and how much time you then spend worrying about how you deal with the threats who our Target in the ball? We're lucky enough to take away starts and details from our games. But the number of Brooks we have how many people would put in rocks and things like that? And we look at and identify is it about keeping ball or is actually about creating continuity in Tempo to your attack so you can put other teams under pressure and if you look at the really Stark example of the last two games that we've played against Newcastle the first game we have to generate Tempo and continuity into the game. Where's the second game? We weren't able to do that and predominantly that was because of our inability at the contact point to generate quick ball. They also dictates how many players you have to attack with the football. So in the first Newcastle Gamers example, we had sixty two Rooks but 16 of those rocks. We put a ball carrier plus 4 or a ball carrier plus five support plays into that contact point. So that gave us left and our fee if you include the scum off eight or nine players to attack with against the team who predominantly put to played into the contact. So there's 13 Defenders on the feet and a attackers. So there's already an overload of Defenders against the Tucker. So the importance of what principles you apply and will show and I'll show you some video of International Teams as much of their can identify any principle two men to the contact and attack and defense and there's many pleasure can have on your feet to play with is important. So certain teams, Newcastle. Take pride in keeping the ball other teams want to create continuity against Newcastle in the first game. There were 62 looks which have already said we also only made in 91 passes. If you look at our past and Rook ratio for a team that likes to play bowling and there's a lot of contact points. All right, so it's really important that you get those techniques right even with an attacking mentality because that dictates how you can play could you as coaches to utilize every opportunity to develop footwork in plays. So that's through warm-ups through small-sided games every opportunity to develop that ability to win Collision. Now some players do it in different ways and you can develop the fender you can use your power and size. But another way is to use your footwork and just unbalanced the defender. So you can win that collision and come out the other side and get your hips and shoulders through. So that's the key principle for us. The second principle then would be as you can see we want to finish the far side of the tackle to win the Collision to get Beyond The Tackle line. Which allows them to dominate and move quickly on the floor. So the groundwork principles and a and a theme that runs throughout our trainings about speed speed of movement. So in summary What can talk about playing pretty football but you've got a win you've got to win again? I've got a win the tackle. I've got to get beyond that. If you play side to side you get put under pressure teams come and get you. So you've got to win that you can do it in various ways, but we promote footwork. As a support player, you've got a win the race. You've got a beat beat the defense to the ball carrier to allow him to offload to get in good position. So you can continue attack you can build continuity. We've got to win that race. It's about speed and reacting and changing your support line to get to the ball carrier. And as I've already said when you're there you've got to be lower than opposition to simple as that. You've got to be lower. from that low position you win the space that golden yard be on the ball that allows the scum off all the first arriving player to clear The Possession.