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Contact Skills for Young Players

Leeds academy coaches cover the fundamentals skills for the contact area. This is a useful session for young players to focus on body position and key techinques.

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White coaching programs York York Rugby Club. We have these spread around the county. These are under-15s and part of the Player Development pathway. And these are the boys that have been working on on that program that we see every Monday evening. Okay, it's all about bar retention of K for this couple of minutes. Okay. I want you to keep hold of the ball. That's all we're looking for. Right? We'll have a little game for a couple of minutes then we'll stop it will have a little chat. We're going to a drill then we'll come back into the game. Okay, we're looking at technique. Okay off you go. Carrie could carry Carrie hold on. Yeah, yeah good could tackle again. Excellent. What do you think we're looking for in this little game here. Just keep all the ball. Just keep the ball. Okay. Okay, hold it there hold it. Hold it there. Okay same problem. We've got okay, we've had on this side. Okay as you fall and you've gone that way what as you're going to flow. What do you think you need to do and what you need rather than just accepting the challenge. You've got to work harder. Okay, guys, let's jog over that. We're going to change it. Now you two gonna demonstrate for me? Okay, don't leave the ball loose leave it. Okay, what's going to happen? You're going to come out one of these going to work on four stations? Okay against the others guy. You're gonna die. We're looking at different ways of clearing bodies out of the way. Okay Rook time and what I'm looking for as you approach the pad is not just a run under mile-an-hour smash into it looking to plug both your feet. Okay, make it hit and then Chase your feet. Okay, so you're getting low hitting a rock and then following through with a little quick steps. A lot of power steps. Ok. So that's the first one when you've done that you drop the pad around like on Sam you're on this card you're going to come in and you're going to lay on top of this tube. Okay, you're going to shifting by Rolling them away. Good luck. Well don't balcony for you to background these cones here. Okay, Sam, you're going to touch chuckle. Ah, okay. So you've got an option there Louis what you're gonna do. Okay. Goodbye is try to go underneath him. What else could he have done? Absolutely. Could I see the split his arms as well? And the last one? Okay, where you going to do? You going to lie, so I power out here lie down okay on the car. You've got to get your feet and compete for the ball go good who's won that why he got lower Kenny was up more quickly as well. Okay, so going to work any pairs go through that then we'll swap it around to the guys working. Okay, that makes sense. Okay, I'll start here then just flop on it. Good. Well done. Make sure you keep hold of him. Okay? Okay steady feat Jay-Z feat. Jay-Z feat. Goodbye. Well done. Drop it Tom on this one. What do you think? He's actually getting that drug business that's going to be in there. So it's two feet. So you're getting loads and leverage from your studs on the floor rather than one guy just coming in and doing this. Okay, because soon as you lift your foot off the floor, then you're going to go back up. So it's probably both feet and then keep your elbows tight make a good tongue contact with the shoulder and then chasing you when would when might this be appropriate if I'm trying to clear mark from a rock look at the difference in size and meaning if I run into him smash him. All right, I'll probably just bounce back as well. Okay, but if he's low over the ball, I might be able to get hold of and use my body weight to rip him away. Okay, so it's that is a really Dynamic once it's about to get a good grip and then using your body weight and flip him over and using your body weight to take him away. Okay, well the technique in that rather than the the strength and the grapple with in the speed likes a Dynamics come in and get a good firm grip. Use that really bowling action written role there rather than getting in a wrestle with it. Use your body weight. Get two feet together lowest. Okay, then Chase your feet Chase your feet. Goodbye Wild on excellent. Good luck. What's the quickest? We're going off the floor what needs to go for far first? Yeah. Okay hips up first forget hips up and above. Everything else will follow. Okay. Let's go back into the game quickly. Great presentation. Good luck, Carrie. We've got the coach results at Leeds Carnegie. So of Yorkshire rub it and they are a few minutes Hanson all that Talent together to be able to spread our coaching with umbrella. We're working a professional environment and it's been a very personal skills and knowledge. We pick up working with professional players week in week out that we can pass on them to Junior cultures Junior players who can then pass on without the in throughout their Club in it obviously of going from one that a resource it spreads throughout the whole County and our message is getting across to all rumors lately.