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Focus on Turnover

The turnover is an essential source of attacking ball, and one that shouldn't be ignored by coaches.

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What turnover born what everybody's looking for is broken defenses and people in the wrong places to move into that space rapidly closed down by trinda. The fence is now are extremely organized the key is to get turnover ball or pork. Kick. You don't have the same level of organization against you there for the opportunities are greater if you can react. The great thing about turnover ball is that a team is set for attack? So therefore the different mindset different positions, but you means that you have to use turnover ball really quickly and and be able to switch in quickly. When you look up where tribes are scored their score to turn over look good and Up and Up Get Around spin on and on well done. I'll turn it over to a mistake are the turnover when someone kicks you a ball, but it creates Broken Field and that's why I believe training through games is the right way to do it because you are giving them that environment the whole time.