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Ground work is crucial to retain possession

It is important for players to practice working hard on the ground to get the ball presented back to their team. This session uses bodyweight exercises to practice the movement and enforces it with a conditioned game.

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West last couple runs north well don't stand up followers of a little breather stand up in the game. If you're playing that way or you to hit the deck on your chest now. Playing the facing that way facing that way. Okay, and then I want you to present the ball as you would in a game that you're playing that way playing that way. Yep. So I'd probably if I was you I play move from that position. Okay, got the right idea the body position their couple things are doing two hands. Okay, Kitt aborting your chest because you can lose it there keep it in two hands. And also what you're working on the floor working your body around not just sitting up and running. Let's go back again. All right. So from that position get to the other position little bit working too far. That's more like it. You can wriggle you can roll whatever so problem is fellows if anyone comes in as a Defender, okay in your code it one hand. You can just kick out your hand or just knock out and easy. I was a good chance to knock on door two hands at all times. Okay, so we look at this fellow's you get back in position. Okay, you can be as partner which is length top of him. You're going to give it just landed. However, you like just give a bit of resistance. Okay, right. So you're in this position, right? That's not a straight ahead of you South stroke behind you East is that way west is that way if I call north south east or west you go to present in that that direction. Okay, so you're currently not. All right. So just example show everyone East to work in that way. You're going to work a little bit. Okay South Get lucky make you working. How many hands roll the ball in to okay. So with a partner ball between the two of you getting position fellas we already East so quick you can first get in that position present long to hand South get working on the deck. God present long two hands worst. When we tackle fellows is going to be our mindset straight away that we've got to do some work in the floor. If you just hit the deck and all the ball out. You just sitting duck for someone to take that ball off you so when we tackled hit the deck if we can hit the deck and you fall on your chest while following our chest protects the ball, okay for now Buckle ball up in the air, he's of soldiers running take it off. And so I did it for your chest fellas cover that ball up and then straight away. We do some work wriggle on the floor rolling on the floor moving the ball present it back. Okay, don't get caught just laying down the deck with the ball ball out into hands on one has it just tick ticking off you do some work. Okay this time can I borrow you too? Right lay on the floor facing me side to side. So let the floor that you just as you are. Hands by your sides notice you said this home it so and by sides. There's the ball when I shout go one of you is going to get the ball, hopefully, okay, so quick is get them all if you win mate, you're presenting the ball that way if you're when you're presenting that we're okay, if you lose you jump straight up on your feet and work over the top. So imagine You've Won met you've got the ball present long that where you've lost you jump up straight over the Rook almost like a back role of the rap for us. We straight up. That's it go through and pick the ball up. Okay, fantastic, right you bet on you, too. First me. First me that was watching these two for a start buzzer to side of you ready. Go Summer Challenge their present long worked over the ball. Excellent you to Well Done Lads. Okay. So start again. Everyone partner up. First me. First me fellows were opposite in the same way. Go excellent. Well done really quick reactions boys. So the personal wins your straightaway represent the ball. The person was lost that you've got to get straighten your feet and work over the rock. Okay, but then we go. We do quite a few of these fellows get the hang of it. dope Axle well to work over fantastic axle. Well done hit the deck good lad well done. I've stopped their Defender what they asked you to do. Yeah on your chest just like as if you made a tackle sits on your chest and attack their well done mate, because what were you doing? What were you going to do? So as your touch what we're going to do you just going to fall straight backward in the present, but well done you hit the deck on your chest good presentation. Well done. Like don't forget hit the deck ready. Let's go hit the deck. That's it. Get over the ball make corn be quicker for well done. Grab all well done. Well, don't hit the deck in your chest present. But we look at within that session are forget about the game sense. A lot of damage. Try just guard the presentation the role of the ball carrier and the role that person's made that tackle. That's what do I want the ball carrier to do okay, ultimately represent the ball, but that process what we need to do first. That's why I did it. I was overcome in the bowl with London our chest going forward through the tackle then what? The present the ball, okay, turn present the ball long. As long as we can North and South is almost about six foot between the defense and the attack whereas if you're lazy fellows and get stuck in a rut of a presenting sideways on there's only a meter or two between the fence and the tack so we can get the presentation as long as we can to handle to Italy in the end away from contact. Okay, and the defender what they wanted to do the person has made that tackle. What do they need to do get up quick, which is I think that's what we're missing the moment because in the game if you're on the floor what you use a satin again, nagato anybody down there so that what we've got to get the habit of fellows as soon as you made that tackle you straight back up on your feet involving yourself again and again,