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Quins - Tackle, Bounce & Compete

Harlequins senior squad work on the breakdown

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The big defense day for us. So right from the warm-up. Everything was geared towards our defense structures. Guys, what do you want to see as well? Are you alone? Because you can't simulate a game situation every day because it'd be too difficult and too strenuous on the body. So you're looking at that really technical focus of breaking each individual Scouts killed down just like tiny little layers building it back up and then trying to put it into you know mini game scenarios. How can we guarantee we go? You can't spend like the whole session doing the same thing, obviously, so we work on little and often. So you'll see some of the guys out here doing their own individual things after they finish the main session, they'll still go and practice getting over the ball or tackle technique on a pad without. You know, you're not going man not trying to kill anybody but just almost a muscle memory. Just trying to get that stay with it. It's automatic for them to do it correctly, like riding a bike of the old cliche goes