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The Tackler's Responsibilities

This clip shows a whole session including progressions on the actions of the tackler during the tackle and after the tackle. An excellent contact session delivered by the Sale Sharks Community coaches.

Video Subtitles

Good. Good hit common. Well done. Nice and low same again. Quick question when we've made the tackle. Can we get on our feet a little bit quicker? We had an issue where I specifically said a safety aspect and he didn't listen and guess what happened himself what I wanted to do now which one we've done that hit pull the grip in leading foot. Can we do a little bit of a roll? So a quick demonstration will be on this bag. Yeah good position straight back heads up. How many fingers I'm holding up good put your knees up boys knees up knees into it's like I said good luck hits it once you get it down to the floor. Make sure we do a roll. Let's go. Let's go. Hey get down to it all they're all good lad. Make sure we get that grip that will come with you. Go good hit roll roll God. How important that grip now. Happy with it so far. Yeah, I do understand it. So when we put that role in how important select Drive what's that doing to the attacker? It's like more importantly their defense. What was way their defense going? Yeah, they're doing is we're doing a lot of work on the floor, aren't we and I asked a lot of questions throughout just a test for learning really making sure the players are aware of what they're learning how they're doing things when they're doing it and again at the end of the sessions as well. We ask a lot of questions to make sure them learning objects have been met and the players have learnt what the what the session involves raised from Key factors within that after that role. What could we do now get up and get back into the fencing positional take the ball. So could you tell me quick demonstration? So if you hit the back hip let's go leading foot. Good luck and some role get a pony on top of it good lad. What position were looking for on the bag is whether you can get up get in that position sinking. He's simply hips. So leaders shoulder leg Drive get the grip the roll and then get on top of it. Let's go get a roll. It's up. Its up Go sing your hips go straight back. How many fingers am I holding up? Superb so when we go back if we just go on a side view if you go back there buddy. Okay here comes in who's going to win the head height. Now remember before that's the hard bit. Where's he going to get this right under this nice little soft bit. What's he going to do? No, thank you. I don't want any of that. He's just going to get Drive doubt the way let's go as try and get no daylight between your chest and the pain The Tackle, but let's go get a position. So your hips good large stately back. Well done. Well done. What do you think their role is going to be now? Yeah the Rooker so when we're over and we're on top reflect. What's up boys? Listen up safety aspect. Okay. So talk me through this stage. It's once we get up we've got up into that position. We started to sink our knees and hips which is excellent relief in very little daylight between our chest and the person so we're going to win the what The Rope but the head height more importantly today. So if you get into that position there, but if you've done everything, correct, you're in that position straight backs in the he's I want the pads now to come in. Well, I'll start the got to start closer start closer. Okay, it's not closer you come into I get about the way you get a mile away. Good good keep driving. Go to watch their defense doing all times now going backwards well done. So we'll just practice that movement. So put the sausages like this for now. How could we make this a bit more realistic if the pads can start that way that'll be perfect. So you've got to lift them up and get over quick word of advice boys. Technically. These are vital for any Rugby Club. Okay hundred percent vital but 99% of the time they used incorrect. Hold them the right way. It'll hold in the right way. So we've this morning works on body positions to get what and a lot of people hold them here. What is a encouraging? Yes, he's going against what we're working for. So if we can if we go on top of it if we can get it really low. What's that? What's that teaching? Yeah, they've got to win that head height isn't it? Brilliant? All right even more if you could put a little Bend in it and maybe hold it there. So you give them a real good Target area that would be brilliant and it's been a common theme throughout will be closed. We visited and some of the schools as well but haven't the first thing first is the safety aspects of young children's risk going through we try and stay away from there. So use the handles on the side for the bended ready. So there you go. So you see it good for him. He's gonna go to the area. You ready? Let's go. Let's go good. Grip. Let drive leg Drive good lad. Is he supported his own body weight superb if we can get low by sinking our knees and hips and try and push through which means we've got two tents put our arms back to the power of 2 hour drive through and lift up and extend your chest out. It's not okay, if we go the other way, but just going to fall and go off our feet get up at the here you go. There you go last few. Let's go. God did like drive like drive straight back. Good luck. Good power. Well done. Well done. Can we stick all them three elements together now quick demonstration on this one. Hold it boys quick. Go. Good luck. You're gonna get it rolling either all good stuff. Get back on your feet. Good body position driving through. Excellent. Well done. So y'all together coach each other good good concert for the role in the only feet quicker. Can we do a quick a drive-through? Good lad. Well done. Look it up for a Defender. Come here. Good lad good pad work. Don't forget to bend over. They really get really good at over practicing their you get over good drive thru drive thru. So before the contacts are what are we looking at for? So soon as you go for your left or right shot of what should you like to be doing? Driving. So if I go for my right shoulder right foot planting, okay, so that's space now in and around the attacker I'm starting to win. Why is the grip important? Why do we pull them in? Yeah, so that body shape starts to change the net why is leg Drive important David buckles? Okay, what happens to our momentum starting to build through the tackle, isn't it? Ok, once you've got to the floor we've introduced to roll. What does that do? So we're just disorientating that person when he's on the when he's on the floor. Okay, when we get up on top key factors watching my knees be doing Bend in my hips also. So when we say sink them, what does that mean by you? Yeah, we should we go down. Okay quick example, buddy. You're gonna show me. She's gone with his knees. Okay, why is a straight back important which one's his power going to go exactly. Why am I saying how many fingers am I holding up exactly that straightens his back to win? No daylight between his chest and I had a buddy. Is that a good height? Brilliant? If the next person comes in he's got to try mostly you'll stop and then you'll try and win the contact area and we've already run that it's over getting there. We dominate that space there and we push out. Okay. Well done quick quick question in the How are we going to use these pads how to download? What does that encourage low body position? Would that be benefit your team and few stems if we can put a little twist in what else is I encourage get some lower any questions do we understand the three things before the tackle Jordan and what we're doing after well done really impressed.