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USA Sevens - Techniques For Contact

Retaining possession in Seven's wins matches, it's that simple but these days you need to improve your contact skills. Phil Greening provides a few tips and some insight into some of the USA's training drills

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Was it like that in so important? Yeah, I mean it's a fundamental because it's about controlling possession and controlling the ball. If you can shrink told the ball in the game of 7s, then you can exert pressure on the opposition and you know, we've defenses as organized as they are nowadays being able to maintain continuity and control the ball at the breakdown is very very very important. It's a very pure part of the gaming sevens because there are a few people involved. So accuracy is everything I think, you know, we always try and go on top of the admin, you know and making sure I have it's and spot-on. So every 10 minutes probably every session we're doing something to do with the breakdown bit floor agility, even our conditioning the we've brought in some combat and collision Fitness, which is transform the boys. So everything is about the basic training and the physicality of the game, which is become more and more know God is just our first one we're going to start with Garland's knees tackling. You got to get your leg driving and the shoulders the ball placement. Okay to continue leg drive them work tight codified. To call his shoulder calling kid. I've watched show Dad. I'm buddy when you start fighting protect the ball but by getting showed over it calling. Yeah, don't just let him have it. You gotta fight with him after contact. So it doesn't strip your cash owed him money show them out a good place. Boom. Could we get into as well? They're boys. It's such an important part of the game. You keep the ball and sevens majority of time you're going to school and you know the times we have to work for 60 to 80 Seconds. You keep the ball for that and be accurate in those areas you end up scoring. So that's the the detail we need to get to so that's why the breakdown in the decision making that first guy the breakdown be on your ball or the first go into the breakdown of the tackler in defense is so crucial and those decision-making has to be done within a split second. So we need to drill that so it becomes second nature. flight to show the true good lad fight fight my fight my gosh oldrover it good lad ball placement and look to latch and darling good stuff. strong with the ball cardigan showed over ball placement stuff coffee get your shoulder over the ball of boys. Don't turn upwards to make it easy and from the rip, okay. couple more Good Bender, it's all about for me coaching is all about taking the players on a journey and you start with the micro details and then build out in the building in and saw build that up into the picture. You want within the game be it, you know, the breakdown Britt tackling defense and you know set piece whatever it is. You need a bit take the play on a journey I believe in and that's what we do because then we home those habits in its repetition and so all become second nature. Like I said, and then when you have to deal with decisions were in Split seconds your body seen those pictures before and it can do it.