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Worcester Academy - Ball Presentation

Worcester Academy - Ball Presentation

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We're going to look at basically is ball presentation. Okay, so just set the drill up. Okay. All I want is the ball carrier to work and put the ball back as far as he can, long and strong towards me. Okay, when you're ready, really this lift and crunch them abs and push it back. Good good. Okay again reset. Ok, just really focus on using your core strength here core to pull up and Jack back. Here we go, Good. Change it around, different people on. Just a little thing here fellas We want long and strong, good ball presentation as far away from the tackle as possible. Focus now on really working your core and jacking up and pushing the ball back. Ready, when you're ready good work. Going through the repetition. Good work.Excellent. Couple more. Good. Good. Okay, stop there. Let's change the balls. Chuck on a rugby ball to each please. Okay this time all I want is one person on the floor with the ball. The other guy on top of him. All I want to do this time. I want to give you direction where I want you to place the ball. Okay. Let's watch it in to me. It's just about working on the floor. We Ready, behind you. Let's go play good. So again looking in okay that wake up late. Good. Watch it in. Good. last one play good Change it around. Okay, all we've got now it's progressionis just moving the ball placing the ball as long as strong as we can get it we ready. Okay stand by good. in Good stuff.