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Worcester - Breakdown decision making

The coach progresses a static decision making exercise into a moving one. The coach uses a ball strapped to a tackle sausage to replicate attackers and where they may be tackled. The defenders then have a decision to make, either jackal on the ball or clear opponents

Video Subtitles

Okay, let's just trying to draw slightly. We're gonna do on the drag the bag around now. Okay, just one person coming with a drop the balls having it hands on. Yep. Okay. So here we got from it, like other White Horse just one person working with me. Okay, so if we're gonna cross it full of crap, that's the idea. And again, once again just write the ball trying to get Hands-On ready. You can drag drag the pool track it drop it hands on. One shot one shot on it one more one more. The ball track them already. Just one more. Good. Okay, stop there.