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L2 - Identifying Space to Attack

Skill Practice Description • Attacking team face away from defenders before play commences. • Attackers spread or grouped in any formation. • Defenders split (unseen by attack) between pitch A & B. • Coach calls “turn” and introduces the ball to the attack who turn to scan the distribution of the defence and attack whichever pitch they choose. • Defenders on the pitch not being attacked cannot cross over to help defend. • If the attack breaks down, the defence gain bonus point. • If attackers choose to attack the area with the most defenders and still score - gain a bonus point. • Progression: • Allow the defenders in the area not being attacked to move across to support the other defence. Perhaps make the secondary defence go deeper around a cone. • Vary the space before game starts between attack and defence - more or less time for the attackers. • Allow defence to recover the ball to counter attack. Key Coaching Points • Reward close and immediate support of the ball carrier in and around contact area. • Defenders deny space and time to the numerically superior attack

Video Subtitles

Okay, just going to play a game that helps us focus on communication and looking at which of the most appropriate areas to attack. We've got two channels here a wide one from these cones to the wide cones there and a narrow one from these cones to the touchline. The attackers are going to spread and they're going to be facing that way when I say go The Defenders will go into whichever Channel they want. All right, when I say play you turn and you have to attack and score over that line there, but Defenders have to stay in whichever Channel they choose to go in first of all. pipe score Finish it off. Well done, that'll do. Okay attackers. Tell me how many did the were in that channel when you turn around how many so there was just one in a who was that Defender? Okay, but we attacked this way to where the majority of the Defenders were. So what can we do to help each other out and attack where we've got the most space we've got to start talking either one you tell whoever gets the ball where to go. Yeah, and you're going to help communicate with each other. All right. So communication is talking but its listening as well. All right, so let's turn it around. We're going to attack that way again if I go moving to your channels. chocolate chocolate Finish it up. Well done.