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Passing Accuracy

Accuracy of passing can make the difference between finished chances or missed opportunities. In this video, Northampton Saints look at developing passing accuracy through games and focused exercises. Log in to see the full sessions.

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Disappointed with his defense around the bright down though and how they covered that inside and takes him with a really fast recycle ball out of my line my lower down the line to college to go in the corner. What we work on is I say core principles which you know, I know that the England sort of 16 17 s coach have a very similar base to that to what they deliver and which a lot of these boys will then go so it allows us to have some continuity with with the England. So the progression through it would help them with their opportunity, but certainly, you know, Nothing here is a secret and at sounds we're quite transparent with what we deliver simple. I think but effective I think it's probably the easiest way to do it, you know good, you know simple things done. Well, I think we say a lot in training and and that's what we base our cell phone and we get them right we'll get good players and we'll get the results that we were after the Rampage Dixon down that short side slick handling Tom were dummies back inside. Tom would pulled away of what scores Good luck. Nicely done, excellent. But if you run hard here if he goes this way, what do you do pass that way if he stays on this man, what do you then do you run fast that way? Yeah. Okay. Let's see if we can get this to our into action now nicely done. Nicely done fellas. Excellent play I always use games always you're the oldest. This coach education is purely and simply about the use of games and moving away from drills and putting the lads under pressure in an enjoyable environment where they can actually make mistakes, but learn from the principles of attack and getting the younger players to understand angles of running and positioning and changing changing their positions in attack appreciating what they needed to do to achieve success in different situations. Good luck good faith good faith could support and again pass it and again support good looking outside looking inside. Nice. Good lad very good PC and PCs to the Lord. I kept beating will score.