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Passing Under Pressure

Changing your catch & pass practises is always a good way to add variety into your sessions. This practise is not only different but the defenders are putting pressure on the attackers from a variety of angles

Video Subtitles

Come on, let's see where the space is and hold it. boo good shot not good execution red Okay, good coming in. I was just trying to just old to the type of Defense. So whether or not it was narrow and pressing hard or coming in from your wits so we had some space in the middle that we could attack at but really it was just about pressing off the line and then coping with having less time thinking time. I want your pressing off the line. Yeah, really, press hard off the line. Please boo good. Blue nice ball. Nice ball red give her something. Nice. Well held Alex good death. Yeah. When does it generally work better? The basics of them well, definitely. Yeah accuracy. Holy death but ever taken on it Pace. Yeah, if the ball carries positive generally most people are positive with him. Yeah what anyone else that's it. Tell tell me what you want. Tell people what you want.