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Practice Accurate passing

This clip reinforces the importance of passing and especially accurate passing. The coaches use a variety of practises to test the players skills and help them progress

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You want best practice specifically for your coaches who were who are coaching every the jewelry prodigy or the schools of rugby or that sort of thing or the clubs at on the schools that push the players through to harlequins the end of the day and we want those doing best practices often as possible. Everyone has a different idea of best practice, but hopefully we're hopefully somewhere near it with what we do at Quinn's but things evolve and things will change all the time. Well picked up. Yeah. Yes, go. Yeah, Matthew. Yeah, Frank. Yeah. Basically, we're just testing the boys off both hands see what their long passings like with their accuracy and it's it's five minutes worth here, but it's more highlighting what they need to work on themselves as opposed to, you know, trying to fix it. Now, it's something it's just a highlight and say look if you're weak of your left or your right hand, but it's long past something you need to do at the beginning of the session or the end of the session Tim's going to feed in we're coming through a staying Square on the cone on the line rather and you're hitting warrant. Okay, when you come through obviously jacket and Jim. All right, we join the other group good. Good. Come on. Keep it going. Flatten that pass out push through it stay square miles yet. Okay couple of things on the mechanics. We can't put Power into the passive of falling away from it. Okay. So the old 1970s pass here with one leg up in the air. We can't really do we've got to stay square if we have to step into it. And that's fine Jack does it? Yeah, you do it but but you really need to push through if you're if you're swinging here yet or here then we're trying to guess where to let go aren't we? Yeah, we're coming through a plane and then trying to let go what we want you to do is push through the ball each time. So everything is towards the target. So it doesn't matter when we let go of it. So try and get that elbow artificially high if we can then push through. All right, so we're into a zig zag here where we'll have a group on each of the cones facing in and they'll come out and it's about putting the ball into space coaxing the other player to come on to it. And because the angles are always changing then you know, Just test the boys accuracy and being able to see that spatial awareness put the ball in front of the manage time. The angles will change each time. What we want you to do is just run straight come out and marks yet. And I'm just going to give it no forward passes. So as Marcus comes then Rory comes and he pulls it back and he pulls it back. Okay, and now we keep it going now. We keep it going Charlie. Yeah, pull it back pull it back, but we don't that's it. Good. Good. Good you forward pass Marcus. Come on, pull it back. Come on. Come on, keep running. Keep running. Come on, go go. Come on. Come on, pull it back. Pull it back. Pull it back. Pull it back. Pull it back. Come on, pull it back good put in front of him. Okay, you will be attacking you will be defending. Okay, just simple two-on-ones happy. Okay, what do we call if we want the ball from the scum off? Hey hot ball when we come around the corner. We asked us for the ball. Okay, happy to ended touchy going out around that cone. Yeah around that corner. Just dead simple. Good go. Good go. I must go. Make sure we pull it back. Please crepe just come in come in what we doing. Well most of the time Communications nobody expects that what else running at speed. Okay. That's the key thing most of the time we're putting Pace on the ball. Okay. What did Marcus do hold the defender? How did he hold the defender one time double pumped it? Yeah pumped it Defender stepped or go to come back. As soon as he comes back balls gone. He's not getting back out again. After that. Is he here? How else can we fix the man? Footwork as anyone when you in any footwork, no, not so far. Why not? Because we're too busy telegraphing it. Yeah, it's going over there Charlie's. I think you've done it twice. Yeah, because he's Telegraph Telegraph and the Defenders gone. Thank you very much. And that's fine. As long as you you take him up to step out. But if you want to hold him if you want to hold him, you've got to take him on you got to look him in the eyes little bit of eye contact yet. All these worry about then is or no. I'm going to be ticked down for a missed tackle go now I could quick hands good defense or eyelid go pick that up, please eyelid. Remember what we said about holding our depth. So as we could come on to it. Has anyone used any footwork yet not enough. Come on. Let's take him on go. Good little step inside. Excellent. Everyone has a different idea of best practice, but hopefully we're hopefully somewhere near it with what we do at Quinn's but things evolve and things will change all the time.