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Quins - Tips On Fixing Defenders

The best players and the best teams can all run straight and fix defenders. For some it is the most important technique to master. This clip features three different practises

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Because of the lateral nature of rugby. The Temptation is to follow the ball across the field. So you have to run forward and pass sideways and the danger is that people follow the ball and drift with the ball and drift off the ball, which when you do unopposed doesn't look too problematic, but soon as you put opposition in. Well he's already drifting while I just follow him and follow and then you gang up on the man on the end. So we're just trying to stop people from drifting across the park by making the hips stay as square as we can. And is this something that you would be sort of skills and coaches with you and the coaching kids all the way through absolutely. Absolutely and I think I used to run the academy here and I think one of the things that parents used to come and watch this the session the school boys came Schoolboy academy would come in the evening and I think that they assume that when they get a contract they'd be doing something different. No, it's the same game the same skills need to be honed and all the difference is how accurately and how quickly can you do it. So running square is a core skill and it has to be repeated over and over and over again from mini's right through to youth through adult game. We're all playing rugby and it's played parallel to the touch lines not across parallel to the try line. So we want to keep Square. I'm looking for that outside hand attacking the ball that keeps you square. We're going to reach and organise your feet so you catch thereideally. So the next step, it's gone tha make sense? So I'm running step past and I stay square run over the pass. So really think about it turning towards the ball one Movement. We got the extra man. We got to get the ball away and come onto it. Wait. Oh wait in front good. There's a recognition obviously that it's their job. So they obviously the underlying factors if you don't get this right you don't get the team that is the bottom line. If you can't pass it the way we play you're not going to be any use to us. So they understand that but at the same time they want to enjoy their work. So little variations on the theme the other day. We had some hula hoops. And so instead of just running and passing to each other and had to pass which you remember you heard me talk about making sure the past stays parallel to the ground. So we want the ball traveling across the ground nice and easy into his hands wait of pass. Even if it's a short partly still not lobbed it's putting his hand gives him time. I put a hook through my older hoop here. He runs our can he fire that ball parallel? So it goes through the hoop to his mate on the other side who catches, you know, it's a little silly little things like that and oh wow that you know, and it's a challenge it's competitive and they love competition go Yes, finish good. Good stuff, okay.