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JWC 2012: Quick Taps

At the 2012 JWC there was an increase in the amount of tries scored from quick taps from free kicks and penalties.

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Compared to previous years the 2012 Junior World Championship saw an increase in the number of try School drum TAPS at free kicks and penalties. This may be due to the increased focus on coaching defensive structure these days defenses a well-organized making it hard to get beyond the game line quick Taps it unpredictable and can be a great way to catch the defense off guard. There were 19 tries scored from tap penalties six of these were by tournament winners South Africa. An important message for coaches is to develop decision making with your players to enable them to instantly identify try scoring opportunities in front of the coaches can achieve this one involving more condition games in sessions. This way they can identify the decision makers in the squad. introduce penalties and free-kicks in these games to practice match situations You can find examples of these games in the coaches area click on learning with games and scroll down to the appropriate age group.