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Harlequins Academy - Warm-Up

The warm-up is an essential part of training and match preparation. Here's an example from Harlequins Academy on how to prepare for a handling session.

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Warm up Beth is for the obvious reason it warms them up. So it gets them ready for the activities that are going to do so myself and Jim Evans. We talked before the session work out what they're going to do and then the warm-ups geared around preparing them for the sessions for today to do handling. So maybe throw in some handling skills and a warm-up make sure they're that warmed up down the lower body and just generally the pulse raised and ready to go for the activity really guys. This have groups of six along the shoreline facing me everybody else behind them, please Okay good guys, we're going to do a high needs. But this time only to focus on how having the ground contact lot with being with working with Tim with a speed work. Okay sharp knee height. Oh, let's get a nice heinie when I say go you're going to do it about halfway out to the 22 and then when you're ready just jog through to the 22 and stay down there. Okay. Ready first line go. Nice high sharp knees gate go right toes up, please Johnny ready go. Good guys, this have all the every bit of energy generating forward. Hiney sharp knees height. Oh, okay. You're calling it when you're ready. Okay, same thing you're calling it, but we're going to go heelflips now, just get that going make sure open up the hips gate. Yeah, it's a half way again guys and then jog it through. Okay. Nice. Good guys circle around me. Please circle around me on your back rolling out the teddy bear stretcher roll out roll forward spread the legs, okay. Let's really get that work on the hamstrings, please guys. Get that nice stretch forward make sure I open up that hip flexor hamstring every so often just rolled back and just throw your feet behind you and get you back nice and loose. Every three or four just hang back back there for two or three seconds. Hang back open up the back and then roll forward again. Okay, sweetie flip over onto your front, please press up position feet. See outside of hands is going to open up our hips. Keep our chest up drop our hips down. Okay saying that press up position as pump out the cars. Good fantastic, right groups of six again on the try line for me. We're going to do some Strider. What I wanted to focus on is just the first three or four steps really driving hard out of the blocks are going to shout go for each one. We're sprinting 70% to the 22 ready go. Ready go. Let It Go good next one, we're gonna just stand straight in front of the line when I shout go you going to jump back athletic position and drive off ready go Nice good ready go. ground contact hard and aggressive ready goat Where'd he go? Okay, you're gonna have to goes now. You're going to face that way. I'm going to shout go. You're going to shuffle back when I shout go again. You're going to turn around Sprint it through 80% Okay, go. Go nice remember which way you spun as well ready? Go go. next group ready dope go go go to early partner up. Please leg swings left and right. Let's go for 10. Get those hammies nice.