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Military fitness for games - Pre season

Pre season fitness can be tedious and repetitive however you can integrate the latest fitness drills into games of touch or other conditioned games to make your training more challenging

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I'm Jack crane. I'm Thomas from the conditioning coach. I'm going to show you some Advanced bodyweight exercises that you can do in isolation or involving your conditioning going to rugby great way to introduce these exercises, but these core exercises into rugby isn't a game of touch if you imagine on the defending team, they're attacking there's the try line. What you typically see is as a Defender will come up make the touch. I will then retrieve either backpedal will turn Sprint back to the try line. Go touch up to go to if you touched him go. The person who touched him as to retreat to his own try line such hurry before you go. Good. Good off you go George. And will you both touched him? Go square up Tom? Turn over your ball. Tiziana. React Harrison. Don't run across touch. These exercises are a great way. If you've got a coach watching you can introduce them in to add a bit more conditioning into it. So I'll use the Burpee broad jump as an example. I'll come in make the touch. The treat back to the top side down into the Burpee broad jump one change direction. So back into the field of play and defend again involves slightly more conditioning in makes it more advanced and just simply a straightforward up down to add variety there as a coach you could say first time you Retreat to the touchline you're going to do a burpee broad jump. So as you know will burp egos hands off up to your feet will jump forward second time you're going to do a bear crawl length get onto all fours knees first hands down looking forward on the tips of your toes. The movement is just a lift off your knees. So now all your body weight is on your hands and feet you remain as in this position throughout the movement and it's slow not fast. We're looking at quality not quantity and you move forward keeping everything tight. whole way through Third time you're going to do a reptile length start in the Press up position this time as opposed to on your hands and knees nice and low to the ground. I'm going to I'm going to reach forward my left arm first my right leg will follow so you'll go. Like that, so whilst running and passing the ball around in touch is great making that more advanced by bringing some conditioning drills is going to improve your performance on the field and replicate the game a lot better than just straight forward passing tackling and up-downs. If you involve different exercises, it's going to put players on to fatigue and obviously when you're learning a skill you learn fresh when you're practicing a skill you practice it on the fatigue likewise those conditioning games for the coach was looking at maybe something that involves more of a rugby cific drill rather than just straightforward exercising. You can involve simple tackle pad. I'm on the defensive side. They're on the tech inside. I'll come up to make the tackle make the touch. Turn around back to the try line. Make the tackle and then enter the field of play again. These exercises to also be used as punishment when attacking team makes a mistake this time slightly different to add variation. I'll make the tackle make the touch except this time. We'll Retreat as a team. They'll be four or more cycle pads come up make the tackle go through the tackle. So a cone 510 meters away get into the bread called position. Back to the try line as a team. And back into the field of play and defensive line. It's up to the coach where exercise he chooses. I'd suggest you involve a different exercise every time so players don't get bored players. Don't get comfortable for exercise completely change it up. Good good. Well played.