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Minis Warm Up

Ben Mann from Northampton saints delivers a simple warm up that includes lots of movement and dynamic activities to increase blood flow in preparation for the main training session. Coaches can use lots of similar practises to keep children moving and engaged

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How this way to look after and the 10th and 11th, the basic outlines that is just try and get there call Core skills up to scratch and maybe develop their skills. I've already got and look at their game awareness and game understanding. Okay, just jog around nice and Lucy. Let's flick our legs. Click our legs like this like so just click our ankles. Okay, let's loosen that hamstrings up. Okay this time away to do them for about 5 meters turn and then go in a different direction. Okay, turn and go different direction. Let's go five five or so meters and explode away. So side step away different direction. It's only a joke Stokes. We're still warming up my back whisper five and turn and then accelerate away for five. Run backwards, we're running backwards and explode away for five. Okay, what we can do with the ball now we still going to use this area the Box. Okay, but this time we're going to just two passes above our head once we've got the ball. We should be still jogging. Everyone should be jogging. It's soft passes soft. Possible's above her head guys. We still should be moving. We still should be jogging. Okay this time okay. She's a pop pass we can talk about we'll just pop in the ball to each other. Let's go. Just a pop passed. No spin passes who did now is a warm up get the blood going around a body making sure everybody's ready for action. If this time we put up passes below the knee but passing below the knee. So we're all down with moving around possible below my knees. Let's go. We must be keeping moving. Keep moving some for the ball that we still should be moving. Yeah, dude, we still boys boys. Don't just tell them wait for the ball. Keep moving. Keep moving. Okay, this time we could have been evolving to place the ball on the floor leave it as someone else to pick it up this go run around place the ball on the floor and someone else will pick you up. Make sure we get a nice strong body position with pick up we use our legs. We're just gonna do a few dynamic stretches. Anyone know what a dynamic stretches Sam now, that's a static stretch. Yes. We're we're doing a stretch on the most. Okay. So all we're going to do first of all we can do he'll fix to me. Okay, and then just jog through okay to the edge of the area. Does that make sense? And then we're going to jog background. Does that make sense? Let's go. He'll fix in your own time. He'll fix is not a race and I just ride it out straight it out. Okay, then just just jog back. Okay, where are we doing the hell fix fellows with not arise we're going to try and get as many in as we can. Okay, so it's nice and gentle that my let's get as many as you can when you get to me. It's a gentle strikeouts. We're doing a 50% strike out to where Jordan let's go. Okay, then just ride it out stretch it out. Once you get to me should be striding out to Jordan. Okay, this time is high knees to me and United time. It's not a race high knees getting these up really high where you get to me just write it out again. That's a nice. Try it out this time. We're gonna do something called side seam. Oh, okay. So we come to the side really but it's down so we getting our thighs. Can I find myself really warm that's going you had time. Let's do it slowly, please which not a race payment nice and slow. Can you get to me and then you just going to try that again to me this try it out Harvey. We should be running past three when you get to me just ride it out. It's not it should be nice and slow and controlled. Okay, nice and slow control when we do not seem like it should be a leg should be just slightly wider than shoulder width apart. And just when you get to me stride it out. This time I like what's that happened you your jog to me? Okay, then Sprint to the edge of the box go jog to me. I don't explode away. Good job back. It's a gentle jog back. Okay, you're on the line. Make sure you online this time. You're going to Sprint to me and then just ease off going to the edge of the box spring to me. He's off go explode to me. Then just gently ease off. Well done, but we go. Okay this time your Sprint to me. Once you get to me, I want you to try and stop along this lines. We Sprint stop on the line go spread on this line and stop on the line top of the line. Yeah, I think guys who needs the coaching. I think you'd benefit anyone really whether it's new coaches experienced coaches or catch is about to come into the game. I think you can learn off every sort of Coach because they one coaching style is different not every coach and not every player. Sorry. I reacted often the same coach. So it's good to have a various wiser knowledge of how different coaches Deliver us a separate session so person like me because I went from having sex. I mean, I know it all it's good to learn off different coaches of all different abilities.