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Core Stability for Rugby Players

Becoming stronger and more powerful is important for rugby players of all standards. However, it is important for players to have a strong core before they progress into lifting weights. Here are some simple core exercises that can be done anywhere without any equipment.

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So during pre-season. It's really important that players are aware of their Fitness and conditioning and there's a variety of levels and standards but Fitness and conditioning applies to absolutely everybody that's playing the game and often we don't have Specialists coaches or advice to actually inform us what those things should should do and what they look like at that rugby coaching drills. We have a section within the video library, which is got Fitness and conditioning. If you click on the fitness and conditioning section, there will be a number of videos that will show you some basic things that would help you and help you players get into shape for this season. Hi, I'm Jack Quinn. I'm a chef conditioning coach. I'm going to take you through some body weight condition stuff for rug, but you see a lot of people going into the gym but skipping the first the first base if you like, so therefore you're not able to control your body weight. There's no point in trying to control something that's external to you first exercise. Is a plank. On your hands and knees this time. You can be on your elbows. Feet up behind you and once you're doing this, I want you to keep your core and your and your glutes as tight as you can so looking forward feet off knees off the ground and nice straight position. Holding a plank for as long as you can. From a side angle. Let's looks like this. elbows down feet back behind you Cool and glutes switched on nice and tight. Stay steady as you can. 30 seconds is a good Target to aim for when you're first doing this and then building up to a minute. Once you can do that. We move on to a side plate the plate you can be on your elbow except this time. You're gonna be on your side feet straight whole body straight one elbow down one hand on the hip come up and hold it again core nice and tight glutes nice and tight facing forward and hold. And of course, if you do one side, don't forget to do the other moving on to the right elbow down feet straight up. You come core nice and tight glutes nice and tight. If you're wobbling you need to really really embrace your core a bit more and concentrate. starting point for this 20 seconds each side 30 seconds and more last variation of this is the pike plank very similar to the north blank except this time. You're not going to be on your elbows. You're gonna be on your hands hands out in front of you like this. I'm going to walk your hands out. As far as you can and hold there. Very difficult exercise walk out to where you're comfortable same as the normal plank core nice and tight glutes nice and tight and hold build-up from 10 seconds is a good Target to reach for it first three reps of that three sets of that will be very good in for breaking between show you one more time. It's an advanced exercise but a great exercise for your core with a good strong core. You'll be more you'll be more dynamic in all of your movements from scrimmaging to running to handoffs everything as soon as you got a strong core. Everything becomes a lot more stable and more powerful sets up a nice base to perform your tasks ahead.