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Drop off touch - start with a game

Chris Kibble of Esher RFC & Whitgift school says to start your sessions with a game. In this clip Chris runs a game called "Drop touch" where the players run back to a line when they make a touch. This is good for fitness and creating wholes to attack

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- is this morning is on developing through game understanding and we're just going to put it put in a funeral practices to stimulate discussion and get the boys contributing as much as possible. You'll see how things develop. We hope as we build through to contact in a very controlled way. What's going to happen now got more space. So there should be more gaps. We hope will please so you're playing the full charge now, okay play. Going to drop right off drop right off. Good Yang come back to join in. No problem. I present. Unlucky One of my few Red Bull play their play there So we're not talking about how they manage the presentation. We're just trying to get in playing a little bit still got a lot of one-pass options at the moment. So we're going to try and avoid the one part options. We just a little review or change of things that we were doing just made a bit easier. Okay. So the game we've had so far is just a one handy touch one and in touch we could carry on just just with with a pass. Okay two-handed. You have got to stop. All right. Now when there's a tackle cord. All right, you got to listen carefully to this. I might call a number out OK if I call one number two or three if I call all three numbers everybody's got to run back to the try line. So in a moment each in the two teams, I want you to get into groups of three and number yourselves. One, two, three, if I call one and I'm sitting number ones have to run back to try line. What are we doing? Now? What do you think we're doing now? Absolutely so should be to make good decisions and we've agreed we're going to try and run forward a little bit more. Yes. So how we going to make sure we run forward? Yes. Look, Good luck. Well done. So we want to try and avoid just one pass options. We're trying to get a little bit more space a bit more depth on things. Okay, three both two or three he's back. Now you play now you play play play play. No number you don't have to go back. Oh one hand it touch two three. Touch one too. You got to stay back. Get your head up. Keep your head up. Get your head up. Score it all unlucky to to might we just skip on now I think and go onto the oh, what a dummy. So what's that Golden Rule when we're playing and we're defending what do you think? Don't take damage. You've got to really watch to make sure the ball is coming out of the hands because if you'll go with the past, which doesn't happen, he just walks through and scores as we saw there. Yeah, so well done. That was nice little finished. Are we moving things on quite quickly? We're just going to now concentrate on the quality of our presentation. Okay. So let's imagine you just been touched. Okay, you touch it here to Handy touch. I want you to imagine you're playing that way present the board show me how you're going to present. So he's landing on the ball, you're playing that way. That's all right. Now you're playing that way. Okay, so we've got to work out which way we're playing to start with to get some accuracy, which is a start but when we can we want to bounce and work back so actually what where's the body in relation to the touchline now, you're fine you're fine. Okay, so we're looking for if we can and why do we get it parallel? Because then the a lot smaller and and then it limits the number of Defenders of coming to Clinic pot. So I mean often we're now played a game where it's touching then we play drop off okay to again remove players, but we're going to move it on a bit quicker. Now, if you touch the guy to hand you have to go down in a press-up position because there's a pickup on our defensive management as well. Take up a press up position. Now we're going to use the off side line as the back foot here. Okay, so we can start to get our guards in R1 R2 and to nominating the first receiver happy with that and mr. Mike will call my like he's going to look after our defensive management when we come to the game at the end. So he'll be particularly looking at this now. All right for the attacking side. All right, obviously, the next arriving player is going to do what if he can if there's no pressure on the ball or pressure on the tackle area. Absolutely. Yeah, I would imagine there's a bit of traffic here. That's the only condition so we want to see you getting two passes away and play from there. This second practice is really to put the emphasis on the first essential part of getting the game playing which is presentation keeping hold of the ball and we haven't done a lot on bouncing on the ball, but we put certainly look put a lot of emphasis on getting the body round when we can making sure that we're getting early support. It's a bit of abstracting that we've got the defender when you make the double touch just dropping onto his chest to provide an offside line. I did emphasize at the start. We wanted to passes away from the contact great demonstration. They have someone just pick it up and going through a whole but I had said that actually we've got to imagine that they've defended around the breakdown fairly. Well, so we're looking to get the ball away quickly here again. It's just really sharpening them up and spotting the overlap. Not sure he needed a Miss to but why not? Let me have a go at it to start with at least they caught it. All right. Yeah, that's good. That's good. But on your bow. Why they're excellent. Okay pings playback. Pink's playback great fight fight fight fight. Okay, that's it. What on touch that someone over someone over claim other way? Excellent. Good what one key thing we're going to put in the in the in the game. Now as you think from those warm up practices we talked about we talked about are passing we've talked about. Yeah good. Okay being direct good. All right, and if we can't make a pass Stay strong and keep hold of the book. I mean, I think the trend certainly has now moved towards a much more game understanding and coaching in the game environment. And so basically we're modifying the game. Sometimes as you saw this morning and then we're looking at one or two things like today to be perfectly honest. I wanted to get certain. I wanted to get one or two little ideas out. So we would come away from the game center down on a couple of particular points and then go back to the game.