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Eddie Jones On Motivation

Confident players have the will and desire to perform. Wales seemed to have lost their way with players looking deflated and lacking leadership, create an environment where players know what is expected of them and develop those skills

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One key area that coaches might like to think about in terms of mental framework and training is this area of confidence? I know English guys are hardworking and I know they're going to be receptive because I know they would have been very disappointing what happened in the World Cup, they would have felt like they let the country down and I'm sure they're going to be wanting to come back and put that England shirt on and play with the pride and passion. That hasn't been seen for a long time. I think it's possibly the one of the most important elements of high levels of performance because we can do the training we can put ideas into people's head. But as we've mentioned when pressure kicks in things change and the best players are likely to perform at a high level if they are confident if they feel good about themselves. So one of the key things our coach has to do is create an environment where people feel confident and there are many ways to make people feel confident. First of all is clear. Understanding what the coach wants of you understanding what is needed in the game. So becoming a student of the game is a key element of being a confident player just felt mares ready to play against Island where there's a big guy aerial threat and so he skills in that area will come in handy. He's really applied himself, you know, it's all about how hard you work how quick you learn and he's done that. He's he's he's put some things in place that he can do before. So I'm really pleased the way he's going. He's pretty laid back boy, you know, some of the players calling the chosen one side gets it because stick within the team which is good. So he's got to be able to handle it but he's a you know, he's a little headed bright boy and I think he's going to be able to handle it and then it's the way in which we create the environment about that player that makes them feel good about themselves and one key thing to think about is the way in which we give feedback particularly on the positive. It's very easy as a coach to pick out the low-hanging fruit those things play. Didn't do well the interesting thing is that if we constantly give feedback on what they're not doing. Well their confidence tends to drop their self-esteem goes down with it. And as a result, the things are actually good at they tend to drop as well. I'd like you to think in a slightly different way when you give them feedback when you're giving coaching try to identify the positive try and look for those things. They really good at and get them even better at those things after all you probably picked them for what they're good at not for what they're not so good at Charlie's just gone away work to this game fixed up some things. He's attitudes been first class that really suits our bench to have you in there. So if you pick them for what they're good at coach them and get them even better at those things. So create a positive environment and give your players confidence.