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Mini Games

Some simple but fun games to use for getting very young players enjoying rugby

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Here aresome games and ideas for coaches to use warming up with mini players. This is a game of round the world where the boys are put into groups of four the coach calls out which number of the boys to go around. They then run a whole circle back to the legs and it's the first to grab the ball. Who's the first sitting down with their hands on their head. Guys, very very well done. Now. This is what we're gonna do when I say go you're gonna run up to the try line over here, score a try and run back and pass to the next person who is going to be standing ready with what? With W fingers Next person ready with W fingers, a good accurate pass. Well done. Try and actually pass the ball guys and not just give it to them. Good, Try and pass that ball into their hands. Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving. And Try scored. Try scored. Well done. Come on, come on. Good accurate pass. Try to tag people with the ball. Everybody else you're moving about if you do get tagged with the ball pass the ball as quick as you can and then put your tag back on your belt ready to go again. Taggers, you're going to try and tag everybody with the ball. So they're passing the ball as quick as they can,ready? This game often referred to as rugby netball or endball is used by Minis and progressed all the way through junior age groups up to Academy players and here you can see some of the academy players practicing and warming up using that game.