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Scrum-half Passing Exercises

Some useful exercises for scrum-halves to develop their passing skills.

Video Subtitles

First and foremost obviously, you want to practice your passing you can you can practice it just even standing upright just passing just getting your flight, right, which is basically just a spin on the ball. So you're getting a nice spin. That's even the balls not wobbling about too much on just it's a basic basic way of just practicing just to get your flight right holding the ball usually with your back hand if that was from my left hand past going that way. Usually you hold your back hand slightly further down than your front hand. And then just as you release the ball, you just had to come out through your fingers just at the end. So whenever you're passing if you're just passing just a technical process where you're maybe in the back garden with a friend or on the pitch with a friend and that you want to make sure that you get your back foot nice and close to the ball. Whenever you're approaching it. So you can practice just on the Mover and that position there with your back foot nice and close to the ball. I'm going to be you're going down to get the ball. You don't want to bend dine with your back and then your head will drop on then you lose your balance. You want to bend down with your legs almost like a quarter squat in your back leg. So you're not position. They're going to be you're approaching the ball and then obviously you want to keep your head up. So you can see what the defense is doing around the Rock and also you can see where your players are that you're passing T. So whatever you're coming in, it's an opposition. They're nice and low your front leg open so that it doesn't block off your hands. Whenever you're passing. If you put your front leg out there, you're going to pass around your leg. Whereas if you can keep your front leg nice and open your toes pointing to where you want the ball to go and not sort of squat position their hands on the ball and then follow through so ideally the sort of Five Points, you want to get your back foot nice and clean the ball. You want to get them not quarter scrub some sort of half squat position on your back leg. You want to have your toe your front leg pointing towards where you want the ball to go and you want to make sure that you follow through keeping nice and low and keeping your head going the way you want the ball to go. And the first instance I was showing her the height adjustable can be passed technically if it's sitting there, but in an Ideal World, we get the ball sitting there free every time but unfortunately with rugby being such a diversity in who's nearly always bodies Our Hands in there or unscrew mobs quite often have to be taken for the bowl a simple way of practicing that can be either using a tire or one of the cylinder Taco bikes in terms of the tire. It just forces you to lift the ball slightly because you can't get in and sweep it away like whatever it's flat on the ground. So the exact same principles are there would still want to get lube get our feet close to the ball try and keep our head down on our back nice and flat so we can see what's going on, but the difference is We have to pick the ball believe at this time and then pass from their know if we pick the ball up and let her body come up with it will end up in that position there. I'm through a high pass. What we want to do is stand the symbol position pick the ball up, but keep your head still down on her back then pull through with the ball away. So I'll show you again. Things come in again stay nice and low in that squat position. Get your tool but get your hands in the ball. I follow through just making sure that you keep your body height done. Similar similarly, you can practice with a cylinder bag, which obviously it's maybe a bit bigger than what a body is going to be lying there, but you can practice it as if you're coming to the Rock. There's maybe a body line there who hasn't ruled away and as you're coming in you just need to practice stepping over again getting your back leg nice and close to the ball front leg open getting done in that squat position picking the ball up. And then following through so it's just a couple of things that you can use just to practice because ideally like I said, the ball will be setting their flat nobody around it will be able to get the ball away quickly. But sometimes you have to go and dig in for the ball. Although maybe be a body lying there and you just have to change your change your body position slightly, but the whole technique stasis him you want to make sure you stay low follow through with your head and your hands where you want the ball something that I looked out a while ago was a point. I was coming up quite a lot when I was passing the ball, you know, I was left in my head and left them a body hide on the ball was coming up quite a lot. So something that you can do to try and focus on on that to stay nice and low as maybe use a couple of the pools like this just to just to give you a Target that you have to stay under whatever you're passing the ball. And obviously it's quite artificial. You're obviously not going to get that in a match but it just may be helps you with the we mental reminder just about staying low. So again, the pass is exactly the same number the principles change, but the Seer just means that you have to go under it because if you don't you're going to get up in the face. So obviously you want to make sure that you stay in that salute. And I just find it helped me to force me to stay away. But lower as I was going through the ball and I meant the my follow-through and ever the most and lesson learned that the bulbous end of even lower. It's the same sort of thing for everybody. No matter what age you. Are you still need to keep working hard and you're passing whether you're at the very peak of your game plan for for the international team or whether you're still at skill and certainly for me. I find you know what I always need to be practicing because you're never you're never a hundred percent of the time on the money, but certainly it's like anything else as long as you make sure you get your head in your hands going to where you want the ball to be certainly the ball will go too far away from there. But ideally again, these are just simple techniques everybody's different. You've got to find what you find comfortable with even if you look at the international scene today, a lot of difference from Hobbs use different techniques. Just depending even on their physique and different things like that. Looking at the specific technique hand placement on the ball way transference and body position.