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An Attacking Style

Consistency throughout a team can be very important for its success. You can have several very talented players, but if they are all taking a different approach to the game, they are not likely to be successful. Top teams will determine their style of rugby and find the right players to play to that style.

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I think we want to develop a style and hopefully all the players in that Squad reflect that style at the end of your recruitment cycles. And then you you know, you look to play that way. I'm not sure for me. It makes a lot of sense to have players of complete contrast saying well in one day we want to be able to like play like this another day want to be able to play like that. I think you need to develop your own style and how you want to play and then you stick with it. You know, if you've got different players in the squad. It means you changing your whole game plan literally for play or two players. So what we try to do is get a certain type of player and we want to play a way that that will bring out his best qualities, you know, we're not going to buy a 13 if we want to play an attacking game and the strongest part of his game is is ability over the ball to steal in a breakdown. You know, we want him someone I've done through Joseph art side breaks his attacking kicking game, you know as ability to beat a Defender one-on-one, you know, so we'll look to get players that fit into the way we see the game going. You know, we've got you've got a 40 week period where you've got games to potentially try things and get you know, get a few things, right, you know Stuart's got four weeks. He doesn't have a massive amount within beforehand. So they don't know they can't lay the same sort of detail that we put on potentially over a preseason an early season games. So they've got to turn up on my Sunday one and get it right, you know, they're judged by results and if he sort of loses three from four but feels that the Stars progressing, you know, I'm sure that he has to have a lot different conversations in what we used to have first and foremost. You have the right culture. You've then got to buy the right players with that, you know with a culture in mind players are hungry and ambitious and energetic and obsessive release the more I coach the more I'm in the game. It's about it's about getting the best 15 players on the field your best 15 players keeping them healthy keeping them fit get on out there and you know, Winning winning is a lot of things away Train You Know the Way their leadership group set controller training better lock, you know, so, you know the philosophy that you play with and you know, and what the players drive it yet your fans your honor you're okay.