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Bandana's & Muscle Vests

Its not about you the coach, its about the players. Take some time to consider what the players want to do. A fun clip but with a serious message

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It's not about what you as a coach think they should be doing these Lads should be Keen to learn. Well get over what you think are the in find out what they actually want and whether you think it's what they should want or not. It's not up to you just like it's not up to you what they find boring or exciting whatever is up to them. So include some of that in their training, you know, we found as as Pros we found that we did wait three or four days a week. I love the weights because I was good at it but not the lads preferred running and playing they don't want to be in the gym. They've got to do it. So how do we make it more fun? They would have a bandanas and muscle vest wait session you had to wear a bandana, whichever one you want. You have to wear a muscle vest. None of these no modesty anymore and they have a gun show at the end level measures their guns who's got the biggest guns and suddenly boys. Can't wait to get to the gym. So that's not our coaches cup of tea. They were Sports scientists at pH their phds these guys, let's hang on a minute. I said, well, why don't we try these things because the boys will love it and the performance goes up and suddenly people are there 10 minutes early. They can't wait what? Bandana Z wearing? What muscle vest? What does he look like, you know, whatever. Is and it really worked and you know coffee session where all we did was buy a cappuccino and a bit of cake like everyone else does but you were not allowed to be positive for that 30 minutes. You will not allowed to be constructive or positive or offer any solutions to the problems. It was pure negative. It's great fun.