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Conditioned Touch - Linked defenders

In this game, two defenders must link up, slowing them down and creating more opportunities for the attacking side. This can create the overlap necessary to put 2 v 1 and 3 v 2 techniques into practice.

Video Subtitles

You to link so link up right around each other's waists and each other's rights. So when you're defending when the blues defend your linked like that you have to run around linked when the Reds defend. You two are linked only when you defend when you attack you're not linked. Okay, why am I doing this? To make it easier for the attackers if you make a touch, you must go down if the linked people make a touch you must go down. How many seconds are going on one knee for? Okay, let's go. Down on one knee come on. Score it. Come on. Okay, leave that leave the bull. Let's go. Please don't wait go Blues Angus link up Angus link up. Overlap or down on one knee ball. Oh, okay. So if we get people to link that means they're going to be a bit what bit slow so there should be an a good advantage and opportunity. So so people should what we call Scan if you look and you scan, you can see that some people are link. That's an opportunity where else is there an opportunity? Because what am I asking the Defenders to do? Neil So when someone's kneeling down is that an opportunity so where's the weakness? Where do we attack right so where someone's been touched? There's no Defender there and where there's people that are linked. Okay. So this time when you're defending I'm going to have two people two sets of linked. Where's the lake? Where's the weak links? Oh just take the touch carry on touch you drop the ball. Let's go red. Let's go red Blues. Linka Blues link up. Nice, let's go Blues. Go Blues Reds link up Reds link up. touch pass pass score go Reds Blues link-up