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London Irish - Our Training Style

An insight into a Premiership Rugby training session. Do the top teams train differently to amateur clubs and schools?

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Bring the pliers because if every player is getting better your team gets better very conscious with our group making sure that we're creating a positive environment where there's lots of encouragement and learning and that we don't want training ever to be boring or not stimulating or not challenging. We do warm-ups to prepare the body for activity. We call it an s&c or a locomotive warm up. So that was just the boys getting moving and the strength and conditioning coaches drive that Mobility work for the hips hips and ankles soft tissue preparation for the posterior chain. So hamstrings calves and just in general movement drills just to prepare them for the for the bulk of every session. We keep the lock the one that's fairly light-hearted. That's that's the opportunity. They have to have a chat before they start training for they have to