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Pre-Season Advice From the Pro's

We all want to start Pre-Season with some new ideas but maintain a fitness element to what we do. In this clip leading coaches explain that they have a similar approach

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People talk about conditioning but also you don't just don't forget about the bowl and that's what the games about. So make sure that within the conditioning that you do for your teams and everyone doesn't matter what level you used to run interminable to 50s and 804 hundreds. Well try and make it a bit more fun get the ball involved because you know, you want you want the players to be fit but you want to be able to play rugby. So that was the biggest thing for me conditioning but ball skills and there's no reason why I prefer forward can't be catching and passing and executed three and tools and so on. Of course, they got the bread and butter to do another always get judge and they bring him back there. But you know gone are the days I think where you give a proper ball in the warmer because that's probably the last time is going to touch it. So, you know you like to think that they're going to be a big part of the game as well. We do go sort of whole part whole so we we try and play the games and then there's a bit of a breather slightly more static drills, maybe you know, but we try and even put those into have a little bit of a competitive. See if Edge in nose as well. So, you know, it's two teams and it's who scoring the most but it's actually isolating what we really want to do in the in the drill tried on any drill that we do at training. We want the player to be able to take that skill exactly what they're doing at training and transfer it into a game. God finish it get with him. Jake get with him Jake. Good for her good for work where we caught him. I want the place to make the decision there and then we wanted to fix the problem and adapt their and then on the trend on the on the pitch during a game. So for us to be able to do that on a match day, we've got to be able to do that in trainings. Also, probably the one area we can get real skill development. It's not associated with like a drop off and just maintaining skills. This is when you can really extend your skills beyond what they've been previously we play a lot of Fitness games and a lot of Fitness in between. We're looking at the guys who can push it really not just in the fitness, but you can back it up in the games and it tends to be the chirpy ones that aren't the ones who like to chat quite a lot and drive and help each other. Oh so handsome. There's a good group of them another nice when you get guys back for pre-season training the first week especially is often very sloppy and a whole range of things as a coach. I often find that I don't explain things to well how I'm presenting certain things isn't as good as I would have expected to be and that's the same of the players and the players are very Rusty. So as coaches, you got to be very cautious not to be overzealous. And the first week for me would be very much about a lot of games make them simple try and do simple things very well put some Fitness and conditioning into the games, but don't overdo it and gradually as pre season progresses you then up the level of intensity planning is the key, you know, you everything planned, you know where you're going to be just how to be flexible within that but think of your well planned and well organized to give yourself a good shot, but not