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I think being able to watch other coaches coach and pick the things that you like and the things that you don't like and use the bits that you like and park the bits that you don't and you know, I think that's the best way to learn to be honest. He allows pick up new things and you'll think oh, well, I like that, you know, I like the way that that's happening. I'll use that in a different game or a different way or tweak it this way and that's how we develop things and move things forward and how you develop yourself individually as well. We've been running with our CD now for a couple of Seasons. It's really kicked in this season in particular. We've got all of our mini and youth coaches on board and what we've started to notice now is that we're starting to build a coaching philosophy across the club, which is something that we aim for and it's a really really valuable resource a very good tool. You know, I'm I'm sure there's lots of coaches who used who use the online tool. It's always nice to to learn different ideas and listen to other people speak it, you know and continue learning yourself. I think it's a fantastic idea. Nothing here is Secret and at science, we're quite transparent with what we deliver a number of things that it adds consistency to our coaching philosophy much more game-based. So what's happening is we've got players much when we engage their enjoying rugby more they're developing quicker is what we've noticed and I think from a coach's point of view as an ex mini and youth coach myself the idea of turning up and trying to imagine what we're going to do this week, but having a resource where we can go to and look for appropriate drills where we know that we can build on what we've done previous week's it's just been a really valuable resource and I get regular feedback from many news coaches that yeah. It's really really helpful when they're looking at how to develop particular parts of the game. I was talking to a coach earlier today was saying that they were having some trouble with youngsters at the breakdown and presenting the ball. He knew what the problem was, but he can go on. Site and find really great Solutions and new and imaginative ideas to start to bring those develop those skills in in those kids coaches are enjoying their coaching more players are in play are enjoying their playing more with developing a great culture. A lot of it is coming off of that. And yeah, I would I would suggest that you get on it.