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Selection - The Most Important Policy

Get selection right and you will have a vibrant, busy, energised and happy rugby club but get it wrong and your whole club could be on a slippery slope. International coaches can loose their jobs but it is just as important for club coaches to take the time to understand how important this can be

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It's the hardest part probably about job is getting that selection. Right but more importantly how we manage the players post this election. So how you let people know they're not playing his confidence. It's quite amazing. It just shows the negative reaction. It was English rugby. It's called said I found it quite sadly with like wildfire tries to run when these go five tries against Wells Wells a full literally full strength. We're missing 11 players. We talked about a young kids miss some kicks. I think we need to get some perspective on where we're going with the game. You know, I think one of the days of a literally a quick two minute chat as they walk into the team room, you know players players cray feedback. So you need to sit down with him properly explain selection. And if there's a rotation system behind it explain why the rotation system and if it's for you know, making sure that the reason you you potentially have dropped a player gets across to him. Not just the fact that he's dropped. But also how he's going to improve and what he needs to do to get back in the site is selection based on the style of rugby you want to play or do you stick the players first at a performing well and adapt your coaching stock. I think that almost goes back to your recruitment strategy, you know, you need to recruit players that suit the way you want to play we want to develop a style and hopefully all the players in that Squad reflect that style you need to develop your own style and how you want to play and then you stick with it, you know, if you've got different players in the squad it means you change. Your whole game plan literally for a player or two players. So what we try to do is get a certain type of player and we want to play a way that that will bring out his best qualities.