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Tony Rea - Best ways to Learn

London Bronco's coach explains that studying the detail is crucial for development and performance. Improve on the basic skills rather than seeking more complex solutions

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Value detail is probably the biggest thing and I think about the little things and what would make it better rather than some people don't value the detail. They just hope they get an outcome and occasionally they get an outcome in the happy but few of fair few other times, they're not as happy and they have doubt themselves and don't trust themselves of that important at that point. So I was anything I'd sort of value the detail that will get you through. It's factual is classically, you know, three ways to learn and one of them is by looking at it. So we video every session and we get the opportunity professional have a look back at those and you get surprised and what you did you learn a lot from what you did is by looking at their some people don't some people like to be out there and feel that you can explain it to them watching and they say they don't see it when I'm out there. I can see it looking here, but I don't see it out there so they got to do repetition. But a lot of people learn by looking at its way. It's the way we're building accident.