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Using Silence As A Key Coaching Tool

Very clever yet simple use of "Silence" in coaching players. This clip shows how you can draw knowledge from players and engage them in creating skills games

Video Subtitles

I always waiting for the coach to ask the first question. So make it awkward. It was pretty awkward because I had to stand there for 40 seconds. So but they come up with some brilliant questions and Brilliant answers. Yes. Just putting them in an awkward situation. They always wait for the coach to come up with ideas. So I want to see what they know and then play their game and then Explorer from it and then the attacker when he gets touched he has to hide the ball through is like start looking and summer. So it's like hospital. So you just lead to lift the trees legs and then next person. So I like that so two Defenders down might be I might be able to steal the ideas. You never know.