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Warming up - Options to consider

Should coaches combine games, drills and stretching in their warm ups. The Wasps coaches combine some physical running work and games as an example

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My name is Ryan hunt and I'm a rugby coach for London wasps Community. There's so many defining factors in a rugby game, which you're not going to be aware of if you just practice drills. So yeah, the game's give the players a broader experience and they learn to deal with different stimulus during the game as well up and down driving to him and down and present good. Up and down and drive and down again. It's get back on your feet nice and quick up and down. When you touched it down to the floor. You down to the floor back up back into the person is touched here. So Shawn you come and touch me bang well over. I'm stepping here touch. I'm down and back up and it into a drive on him and then down again present the ball. Okay and resist. All right, okay off you go plate don't stare up and down Drive-In and down again. Right when I drive touch there. And down again Jack come on. You got to punt the legs Jack touch back a cab. I'll put into him make him work make it work. Good. Good good. Good. Well done, Mike. Right what we're trying to achieve here when this contact area anyone know so again get across the grain line. Just taking a hard yard just to keep them going forward. What do we need to focus on try to get that hard yard what a Time leg drive for sure. Anything else hidden gaps you ever once you've once you're in the Gap and you hit that that contact after that really? Yeah same body position. All right. There's a lot of guys body position coming up very high and the other guys only. I want to be of quite a competitive in here. So get your get underneath his center of gravity keep your legs pumping and equally focus on the present presentation of the ball, make sure it's presented well for them do as much