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JWC 2012: Kicking

At the JWC 2012 there was an increase in the amount of kicks in each match. This may be due to improved defensive structures.

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At the 2012 Junior World Championships teams kicked on average 22 times for match Compares just 18 in 2011. Wales who had the third-lowest passing rates and the second highest kicking rates came third overall and were the first European team to ever beat New Zealand at under-20 level teams may be choosing to kick as defenses are becoming harder to break down a kicking game may also be more suited to tournaments as it's easier to coach an unlimited time. Leadership is important on and off the pitch. The team has decided it's game plan and how to achieve it. You can Implement more tactical kicking into practices. This requires an understanding of what the Defenders are doing and essentially how to manipulate. Kick his benefit from visual examples and repetitive practice.