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Kicking - Striking The Ball

Accurate kicking requires an understanding of how the foot should strike the ball. Expert kicking coach Dave Walder delivers a coaching clinic detailing the key factors and steps coaches should follow

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The saying someone told me about kicking which which is stopping me forever. Okay, it's all about keeping your foot in contact with the ball for as long as you want or as long as you can in the direction, you want it to travel right? So you want your footage being contact the ball as long as possible down the line you want to travel? Okay my view in the way things are I've got ten things down here. Okay and realistically the chance of hitting all 10 10 out of 10 to get you a total score of a hundred a pre limiter, right? You might hit one kick every two three weeks where you just know that it's flushed and you're really happy with it. But the aim of my jobs are kicking coach is to try and make sure that you get all these seven or eight out of ten you get a score high enough to make the Kik successful and fundamentally when someone says was it a good kick the answer is did Achievers outcome all these things here we're talking about, you know, if you're possibly your shoulder slightly off or your weights, not off were talking about maybe when you're at the top you're talking about maybe two or three yards to your left 2 3 RC write two or three yards shorter distance K. So we're not talking massive error. Okay, but the more you get these right falls into place the better the chance, you've got the kit going where you want it to go. Okay. So in terms of the actual cake itself, okay. These are the areas we work on tonight. Okay. So actually we'll be starting with the foot. Okay. We're on the foot. You want to hit the ball? Okay, we're doing panting tonight and the moment end-over-end panting. Okay. There's no spiral kick in the moment. I'm a firm believer that the spiral still has room in the girls room for sparring the game a lot of people disagree. Okay Lads this day your England. I was lucky enough. They encamped there last week and I asked why they don't despair or kicking. They said because they can kick the ball as far end over end. So in terms of the foot, okay, you try and hit the top of your foot. Guys understand before in contact K. So you hear me talk about hard foot out there what I mean by that is K. We don't know flick our toes for a drop punt.