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Position-Specific Skills - The Box Kick

London Irish DoR Brian Smith discusses the box kick and it's relevance in modern rugby tactics. Skills such as kicking take hours of practice to master, but should be done in a specific, game related way.

Video Subtitles

Exit strategy bicycles get out of your half of the are conceding points and a box cake is a very simple way you don't take any contact your clicking behind their food pack. So you'll Fords are on their feet and moving your back Lines Moving up. So you're challenging their the opposition back through to make bad decisions around halfway. We got some kicking tactics for various groups. So the back three guys know there's going to be a lot of high ball training, you know, it's match specific. So meaningful practice Target our biggest mistake people make is just going to just move the world to each other really Pacific back to such 25 litres 2 Vols closer. The key thing with skill development is it's a little bit off about if you if you want to improve and get your skill set up there. It's you know, I think it's why the recognizes 10,000 hours have got to go in before you can master.