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Using Questions to Coach (Kicking Technique)

How to coach - The coach uses questioning as his main coaching style. The players identify the technical points with the coach providing prompts and reinforcement

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When do we really want to look at a spiral distance distance year, so in open Play generally what in your in 22. Yeah, and I picked you. Okay? Yeah when you trying to turn the opposition so you want longer kicks? Okay again, I'm I'm actually a big believer in that. It should still be going touch lives with spirals all the time because you know, if you accurate it, you'll be able to do it properly. Okay, what the difference is here? Anyway for a spiral? Okay, wait hold the ball show me how you would hold it, please and where I'm going to kick it good down a bit. Yep. Thanks. Okay. Alright and okay, so I'm on what part of your foot are you going to kick it Hershel? Okay. All right. Show me how you thought would be as you strike the ball, please. Don't be too Dynamic. All right, see what you thought bang out there. All right striking it on that top part of your foot. Okay. What is it? That actually makes the ball spiral? Yeah, exactly position of the ball on your foot, right? So what do a lot of people think they have to do to get it to spiral swing across, right? Okay, so do not swing across it just kick straight through it. Okay. Yeah you self-check. Okay. So I've just seen past kick a ball there and end up like doing this which means that your Technique is pretty damn iffy. Alright, so after you've kicked it right you just self-check. Yep. Everything's in line. I'm all good. Okay, because it sends a message to your brain all the time. Okay. So let's just work on that a little bit and one other thing when you want to kick this ball your foot needs to be how Charlie thakur What do you want your foot to be? Do you want it to be all floppy firm? Okay, it's like when you want to punch something. Okay. You don't want to have your risk doing that? Okay, when you kick a ball, if you foot sloppy that will have the same effect. So think about which part of your foot are you kicking on? Sure George. Yeah places that bone on the top of your foot. Okay, so you trying to punch through the ball? Okay off you go. Okay. First of all a worm grub kick July, when would you use it generally? Maybe if the wing is rushed up and you've got no numbers not at no advantage on number. Okay. All right. So you want to got no sweeper lines flat in your first year and you can just angle it in behind Okay important parts about the execution of it Perry mean one. Yep. Okay knee over the ball. Kick it into the floor. Okay, really? Good. All right. What part of the ball are we kicking if you hold the ball up right towards the top. Yep. Okay, so without demonstrations or anything just go away with your partner and just work between halfway and 10 meters. It's just hold it there, please right. Where do you think your body weight needs to be as you kicking the ball good over it. What are a lot of you doing at the moment? Exactly. So let's get out of leaning back. Let's lean forward. And so when you've actually kicked it should be almost chasing the ball, okay. Drop back to the 22 now, please and still same game. Well done some really good grub kicks there.