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Coaching the new Scrum Laws

An brief summary of coaching the new scrum engage sequence. Always include a good upper body warm up and highlight the importance of a strong core with your players. Check the 'Body Position and Technique' section for full videos including hooking technique.

Video Subtitles

It's not as important anymore. But it's what you do after the hip so body positions where your feet are. Where's the power going to come from shoulder blades shoulder blades put them on and lean forward a bit serious setback on to his heels. We're at scrimmage of the he's gone on to a bull's ER feet just a little bit lean forward a little bit. So yeah just fold in fold in bring it up a bit bring it up a bit by both arms up the referee going to say Crouch bind set the hook is going to have to strike for the ball because the ball has to go down the middle of the channel. The hooking action is set siding actions your foot go to come round. All right, that's it. Lets go to hit my hand here. Okay, that's it. We're just going to build the scrimmage up. First thing we're going to do those get a little bit warmed up and pull them up and then you s*** and lean back and then up. So you keep the pressure on all the time nice little chest. Press just do five just for your information. If you engage early the first time be a free kick, if you do it quite quickly after that. It'll turn into a penalty Crouch. bind set Hold it hold it steady. Yes nine. Okay. Well done boys well done.