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Hooking Technique

The Northampton saints scrum coach discuses the new scrum laws and specifically the role of the hooker. The hookers then try out striking for the ball and build the scrum

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There's no moving towards the ball actually be put straight in the scrimmage, which means that we're going to f****** for the ball right Crouch old find set. Hold it steady now. Yes nine, holy holy that's good enough. Okay. Hold it there. Hold it there. Why do you think the change the laws then collapses? and prevent injuries Now there's going to be a couple of things that you're going to notice about this you can think what's going to be the first the first change the big change. Less impact is going to be less impact but there's good news man hookers going to have to strike for the ball because the ball has to go down the middle of the channel. So we're going to do a little bit of work with the hookers. And then we're just going to build the scrimmage up right down in there how much position there get down. Okay, it keep your hips square and straight bring this foot back. Bring this foot back. Okay now, The hooking action is siding actions. You foot go to come round. All right, that's it. Lets go to hit my hand here. Okay, that's it. So I'm going to touch your hand touch on your elbow. Then I'm going to put my hand down. You've got to kick my hand. Okay, that's it. That's okay. We're going to be quicker. That's a general action. Okay, you got an idea? Yeah. Okay, we can only do a few at a time fellas just come in. Same thing nice. Nice. Good body position. Okay, so I'm going to tap you and you got to bring it around inside the action. Good lad good lad bring this foot is good body position. You've got that good body position. Good lad that foot up yellow card. That's good. You're good enough at Nico. Body nice and flat down a bit there. That's good. So I'm going to tap the hour for no no Bring It Around bring around here. Good lad. You better get your foot back into position very quickly. Fellas. Got to be straight. Got to be straight to come right up here. Yeah, that's better. All right, cool. That's good body position. That's nice been up there. Okay, shut up there. Easy tiger it's going to be down here got to be down there. That's better. That's better. No. No, it's got to come around and down. That's better. It's going to be here. It's got to be here's where the balls going to come in. That's it much better. That's better. Okay, so we need the ball to go through a channel. Okay. So you need to have this foot set quite close here. So he's got something to support him and this foot needs to be a little bit wider but a little bit further forward and you've had in the past but you still got to keep this nice tight bind now in a scrimmage or three channels boys channel one comes through the props legs between the second row and the flanker channel to comes back between the two lakhs to the number eight feet and channel 3, which is just unheard of these days because all the way across to that side, so it's hooked and scooped get make sure you've got the for shoulder Square make sure we get all shoulders Square. The key here fellas. It's to have a nice tight bind but a comfortable bind and your shoulders not out your shoulders got to come on. That's it. Actually shoulders got to be got to be able to see all the shoulders Crouch bind set. Hold it steady. Hold it steady. That's nice. Okay up you get Crouch. Bind set all the children steady. Yes nine. Okay. Well done boys. Well done.