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Lineout Catch-and-drive

Lineout catch and drive drill

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A solid cash and drive from a lineout can be a great attacking platform. It could be to drive over the line provide a bit of momentum for the backs or just to draw in some Defenders. It takes a lot of practice to get everyone in the right position and at the right time. The first step when building the catch and drive is for the lifters to lock out the jumper. As he comes down, they turn towards your position and grip tight with their inside arm leaving no gaps. When they used to this movement a Defender to try and destabilize them. This is a good reminder to your players that their balance and foot position is important. Then you can build up the rest of the pack. The first player secures the ball with the next two supporting from either side to squeeze him and the ball to the back. practice at full Pace before adding the fenders It's important to ensure you've made contact with your position before working the ball back. So you're not penalized for obstruction. Here and you see the defend them all well by turning it and hitting it from the side with no more momentum into the force to pass out to the backs. To see more from the session log into our CD and go to coaching exercises then click online apps.