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Lineout essentials

The lineout provides an essential attacking platform. Log in to see advice and examples from pro players, suitable for elite, adult and youth players.

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You know as an entry point into the game you got to think has a ball get in the field it gets in the field via a set piece at a liner a scrum. So we're initially if they don't work if you think of building a house if that Foundation isn't right, then you can't do anything else. I personally like to know my role in the lineups and that inside out so I don't have to think about it on a game. You've got to understand what line us work for you with the guys in your team. You know, there's no good. Just choosing a line out and then applying the same thing and you get different guys coming in every week and you try and stick to the same system. It doesn't work. If a dry set for you. If you're that guy, it's best to set your weight down to bring the whole height of the wall down and just much more effective. I'm all lifters really stepping into the jump and throw him up there. So probably a nice good one every time you get the ball. Number one. There's do the same thing. So the three main rules I kind of tend to go buyers. I've checked the ball straight in front of me. I bring it in front of my eyes check out straight. I use this line down the bottom of the ball to look at my jumpers and check the ball straight and then I Really have the ball straight behind my head and then that backed up with throwing the ball chasing your hands to the Target. The ball should come out straight using that that power in a bit. I can guarantee you brother suitable for okay, so go through the same steps. It's good make better power.