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Lineout Lifting Fundamentals - Get started

An effective line out is based upon the fundamentals of movement, jumping and lifting. James Cannon from London Wasps takes some amateur players through the basic skills and techniques

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We're just introducing the players back into line out lifting and lineout jumping focusing on the jumpers to engage our core keep the legs together get used to Jumping again. Like they would in the lineout lifters concentrating on on lifting throwing the guy in the are locking them out and providing a good powerful lift. So we'll start with the very Basics and then build up introduce the ball for the end the end 10 minutes so we can start off actually can have a demo group our demo what we're going to do so could have two props and and a jumper preferably someone that satellite dish so it right. Okay. So this for the first 10 minutes, we're just going to be focused on just a basic lift with a basic jump so key fundamentals for the jumper you got to obviously take off bend your knees jump. Keep your legs together try and engage your core as much as you can leave the your arms. I just want you to hold that position in the air. Okay lifters, your your kind of coaching points would be front guy. Try and Griffin just above the kneecap back guy. You're going to provide the power really so try and catch him under his arse and instead of just like kind of stepping into the lift try and start with a square base and kind of squat and throw him up and rely on your strength to catch him under his ass cheeks. Okay, so let's have a quick demo. Nice, perfect. So that's what we're looking for. So that is the basic fundamentals of lifting someone in line out. So this is the first introductory session. There's no need to involve the ball too much to start off with or any movement or patterns in line up that law come later. This is purely the basics see that that's a really good back lift guys stepping forward into the lift and kind of like accelerating into it. So front lifter, you've really you've really got to work hard to like lockout and and step forward into your lift as well to give you a bit of momentum. So try that again, that's perfect much better much better. That's really good. Nice nice. Okay. So on this you're almost the opposite to the other group. So front lift, you're really stepping forward and like being proactive into it the back guy. We need you to just like do the same. So almost squeeze them up together. So step into the lift and like keep your weight going forwards. Just try that again. Nice brilliant really really focus on like the power into the lift. So you got kind of halfway and then because you both love is quite strong, you can just almost press them up, but try and get it. So instead of just that last press you're really throwing him up. So use more of your legs and your upper body. That's it. Nice. Okay, so we'll just have almost like a little bit of a competition where you lift up lifters you lockout and then we're just going to see how long you can hold them up there for right? So really lifters step into the step into the lift a lockout. If you're not locked out you won't be able to hold them there for very long. So you've got to step in kind trying like keep your arms locked out and it keep your face forward and that will give you this easier on your shoulders then. OK ready 3 2 1 up let's do a lockout hold. It jumpers really jumpers really squeeze your ass together got one down. all day long But he's solid down down this group down down. Yeah, that's a winner. Well now we're now kind of bring in a little bit of movement. Okay, so if I can have my demo group again, if you just come out so that was all kind of like was pre gripped in a game. It's not really that realistic. So now what I want to do is lifter, you're going to be on your own in the middle props. I want you to take like 2 meters apart. So then I lift it up jumper you're not going to move. So you're going to stay where you are props or lifters. I want you to come to the jumper. Okay, so it's a little bit more timing. So Jumper, this is you've got to communicate with the props telling when you're ready. You set you set the drill off and these guys will come to you and meet you. Nice. Okay. So that was perfect like really good great example, like it's just kind of the movement of the props. So you've got to get in quick get your feet under you so you're not lifting from out here in a bad position. So you get under you can bend your knees and use your legs to get that explosive lift. Okay, so split off into your threes and just practice that up just for a couple of minutes. That's where you've got to be really aggressive particularly the front guy obviously all the momentum because you're naturally going to jump a little bit forward and you've got a guy coming to meet you. So your front guy has got to be really solid so really step into it and drive into the lift there. That was better that was better. So you can't afford you don't have to be completely Square you can't afford to just step into And then become Square. Yep. Yep. Nice Great Lift good look good lock out from both of you as well.