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Lineout Lifting Fundamentals

Zoran Higgins takes you through the basic lifting fundamentals that all Junior players will have to learn. This focusses specifically on hand placement and body positioning.

Video Subtitles

So then we get to the lifting bit So what I would say is where does the lift start from? So where are we how do we actually lift? Where's the power for our lift coming from. It's the legs.its the quads your glutes, right the strong muscles in your body. We want to generate huge power to get the person up and you just really conduct that power through your arms. So we start that tower of power.This is where you can start integrating your tower of power stuff. Scrum factory stuff there. It's kind of already they've all done it so suddenly dropped their into that position. So you go palms together.and we squeeze up through our quads and glutes as we extend through we chase our feet so we are then chest-to-chest together. And that's how we finish nice and tall. Only thing is if you've been critical should know Cory if I'm being really critical about Corey and I'm a bit of a pedantic and a bit OCD about what I do. What would we say to Corey? So at least shoulder width apart. Yeah. So we got a wide base The reason I say that imagine a pencil so this why again, I kind of try draw analogies for the kids. I take a pencil sharpenone end. If I try and balance that pencil on that sharp end then it doesn't stand. Not enough surface area. But if I flip it to the flat side of the pencil it will stand. And I'll ask kids why bright ones say a wider base. So that's exactly the same same process. Why do I ask it Chase in it's easier for me to hold a weight here can hold it all day rather than here. It's harder. Okay, so getting 2 pairs and just practice that okay.