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Lineout Pods and Movement

The coach progresses the line out onto small units working together, adds in some competition and starts work with some five man options

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Just go through once more each whatever one you want the forwards on the backwards one or the split. Nice. Good luck. Right, if we can get the pods that you're in before if you can get with a hooker and what we're going to do is work. So the end of last week's session. We did this just a pod versus a pod with the hooker working with one of the team. So attack versus defense. So what we're looking for attacking team, you're looking to move around and lose the defensive team just with good footwork moving backwards and forwards defensive team obviously trying to get in there try and disrupt it. Yep, good good speed good defense as well like good speed into the Earth both you so Dan you stay on stay attacking another defensive team. You come in that list of valid for this one with you. So Daniel teams off that seem blue team. You're you're attacking now nice good speed stay on winner stays there simple lad simple. Oh nice. Right. So just a little like a heads-up from there. You could see was set in front of you. So if he sat in front of you don't don't go all the way forward because you just you just coming exactly where he wants you so good defense will always kind of set in front exactly. So try and play back and then try and get him on the back foot and then you can go forward. Nice good lift, right Lads us he ended up. I just want to work just before you go back on a couple of walk-ins. So in your pods back to what we were doing before so hookers on you yellow cones will work down them just to walk in at the front and a walk-in at the back. So yeah, so just kind of walk in together. So hookers you need to be ready to go and it's just trying to get in in and out as quick as possible when the ball as quick as we can so jumpers when you come into the line, you've got a set you've got to set yourself. So there's you can't walk in and carry on jumping because you'll just jump across and the guys won't be able to lift you up. So you've got a set yourself before you go up in the air nice. We gotta go. Yeah. Yeah just work through the five meter and then we'll do it on the 15 good. Because what we start throwing to the back, you don't don't go for double tops. Just if we're walking in it should be because there's a space there and no one's going to be competing so you can go a little bit flatter on your throws. Good good pool. That's it. So hookers, you can even go a little bit earlier than that slightly earlier. Good. No, no now I think that's about right. Good. Good. See that's the timing that you want. That's the timing really want so you're not up there for an awful long time. Nice good lads. But we're going to kind of go if we've got enough like a five-on-five so you can go away for kind of like 20 seconds to sign the call amongst the five. So you've got different options Jay if he goes, you got a nice come come come come come come. Let's go. Yep. Nice good greens. Yep. Listen, I could lift good we go. There we go. Perfect. So a little bit of noise a little bit noise and Dan you you you were gone. And of course you're dragging your front guy with you and it's it's so effective and it's so simple. So yeah, so you don't have to go with all of the like the fancy run around movements and stuff. You can just go straight up and down nice. Nice good one finish on.