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Scrum Technique Progressions for youths

Working from a single players body position to a full scrum can be daunting for some coaches. In this clip there are simple steps to progress and the technical points are consistent

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Down and up see that. Okay. So show me a good scrimmage in body position. Yep. Yep, just a bit over in your toes bit of a bit of a what you say. It's good. Innit. That's good. Really good. Okay. So all we need to do is go on all fours now hopefuls right come off cut off your knees onto your toes. Yeah, we hands on the floor and only for the show me yep head down right? I want you to push your hands out take your hands out. Take your hands out. Take your hands out. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Right what you say about that as a scrum position. That's good. Okay. So we need to do now is when your partner's now starting at position fold in give way against each other sink down hold for three and come up. Okay. I don't want that position all the way constantly. Yeah, so nice flat back. Look at his knees what could about his knees here parallel to the floor. Perfect these parallel push against each other flat back. We'll see not doing here though shoulders shoulders. There we go. Looking through looking through a top of his eyes not pushing his neck up. That's perfect. Right so we go down. Yeah to go and your partners. I'll count you in I want to fold in. I'll tell you to go down. I'll tell you hold the three then come up fold in. Drop your hands off the floor. So push against each other hands off the floor bind up against each other. Right you two, stay there you to stay there. Everyone else break tell me what's happening here, but backs where the shoulders and whether hips above right? Okay break up. First thing to say about you to is right your hips are up here. My Knuckles the hips. There's your shoulders. Where's that's going to go down on the floor. So I want you to do is bring your shoulders up and drop your hips. Hold him hold him. Yep. So all we need to do is drop these hips drop these hips right? Push your chest up. There we go right hand up finding this push your chest. There we go. There we go right now drop down. And up top down. And up break. See better. Yep. One thing to say bit more from your hips. Okay, trying to hinge when you go down go down in your hips. Okay. So let's go together Let's Fold in right you guys coach this you guys tell me what's going on. What's up, so well, what you doing, would you say so when you're when you're folding it in these are the staying up there and it's almost like you're picking a bar up in the gym and you just go like that and your hips are staying the same. I won't need you to drop to the ground. So if we fold in start high start high just they're just they're flat Backs from here go down here. Did they hear from your hips and up down? Better better good stuff. So we gotta go on Annie's. We're going to go on an e so I won't bind up and get on your knees. Right. Okay, right listen up. So right what we're going to do when we fold in what body position flatbacks. So that's it for din flatbacks done it so you just gotta put your chest up chest up a bit. Okay fall in again folding. Pulled in chest up chest nice and proud head up chest nice and proud, right? Okay, good stuff. Good positions. Make sure you bind up break. Okay, what we're going to do now is we push against each other on the knees? Yep. So where we going to push from hips? Exactly? Yeah, so I'm going to what I'm going to say pressure on you to go for three seconds pushing from the hips. Let's see who wins. Okay. Nice flat backs always, okay. Let's go in flatbacks pressure on Coco Coco Coco. Coco break don't cheat with your feet back. Don't cheat. That's good. They're really good. Yeah, nice flat backs. Let's go again. We'll do a set of three. We'll get to onto here as well fold in flatbacks flatbacks pressure on go. Go go go go go go go break break. It's good. It's good. You see to keep your chest down a bit. Yeah. She's letting him get underneath and you're popping up a bit, but it's good. So you're going to be there split feet. Okay, split feet you to get your props on bind on bind up buying up with that weight there you'll go and when they told right? Okay hookers going to call it in and when you hook us call it in so we can get everyone's heads in props are going to go like that not going to move the feet move your hips get the head in close it off. Okay, so you on both hookers Coy seconds in pops open your hips get him in close it off nice and tight. So we're going to do is going to fold in right for what we just had their what was the body position what sa last time but back right fold in half. Good do the same. I'm going to call pressure on okay fold in body positions body positions. break break Right. Okay, that's a warning we say about your back. It's not flat wise enough that you can get you can get it flat but we've been he's back but we do put your chest out. So right okay pulis caps together and if you feel a bit crowded not your feet back, but get that head up. Yeah fold in fold it flat back. That's a good flat back ceylonese pressure. Go go. Go. Go. Go go go go break break. Where where is the where's the power coming from here guys? Where's the power comes exactly said see these hip movements. Yeah fold in again. folded flat box slap box slap box pressure on go go go go go go go go break good stuff good stuff. Why do you boys win it then that back also also height your height was a lot lower than their. Yeah. You are struggling on a flat back all my sent you around. Yeah. Okay. Let's get that get the height. Okay push from the hips will go one more and that's Flats. If it's not if other people have scrimmaging without flatbacks, you'll all go. Okay, right. So no cheating flatbacks fold in. Pressure on go go go. Go go go go go. Keep going. Good break break good effort. So one is Jim Crouch bind set real quick real quick out the blocks keeping the pressure on ball in and wait, we do it three seconds and a breakup Crouch bind set pull em hips hips hips. There we go. There we go break good stuff good stuff.