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Step 4 - Introducing the 2 v 2 Scrum

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step 4 introducing the two V two scrum the fourth step in the tag to tackle program is the introduction of a 2v2 scrum. It is advisable that coaches build up through a series of simple tactical progressions to the 2v2 scrum restart that involves safe contact. This will have been demonstrated on the level. 1 course this step moves the Tactical element closer to that of a real scrum situation as three players from each team had taken from the open field and become involved in the restart, which creates space watch now as the coach improvises a number of restarts involving a 2v2 competition before introducing the 2v2 scrum restart with just on some one-on-one competitions now going to be two on two so it still might be a drop ball still might be a ball up in the air or it might be a scrum. Okay taking the win this pool. Everyone hands on heads. Let's play Let's Play Let's play for the pass. Play on player player player player for the part of the pound per pass great support because support nice pass and yeah, okay. You've got to put your hands on your shoulders. You got to face that way face that way. slip away face that way play Let's Play Let's Play Let's Play Let's Play. Over the past years, there's two nearest to when you bind on now through each other one of these teams is going to win the pool. So where do you think the first receiver will be of the ball directly behind as a got one there and one there? Okay, when you bind on to each other why I want you to do is bring it on. So you're hitting the waist. Okay, so your hand should be on each other's belt. Yes. And all you're going to do is you're going to use the outside. Okay on the top of the shoulder like that. Okay, let's go and I want all your feet with your feet should be in line. So we serve fourth feet next to each other for feet next to each other. One, two, three four, that's it. Good boy to is a ball goes in you can use your feet little push Freddie play Let's Play Let's Play Let's Play. Pass therefore go silica forecast for lose that too. It's wild pass before it goes for can forego for okay, stop. Stop. Stop knock on their strong. So you gotta put that while we stand up son that hands on each other's belts runs on each other's belts. Okay, feline feet in line and on each other's shoulders. Okay, you can use your feet to win the pool or you can push off it. Let's play Let's Play Let's Play Good Boy Walter going support and then going to support analysis introducing the 2v2 scrum. Players now compete for the ball in a 2v2 condition scrum with the addition of a first receiver. This means six players are now assembled in a small area of the pitch this starts to develop the players tactical awareness of space in the open field by introducing binding onto a teammate's belt. Some scrum technique is beginning to be introduced use the nearest two players. So all players should get a go again. The Instinct of the players is to move the ball away from the initial area of contest here as the ball carrier recognizes the threat from a Defender. He transfers the ball into both hands in order to have the ball available for a pass. I don't know now the 2v2 scrum has been introduced plus first receivers this opens up further space for the players to utilize away from the restart area here. We can clearly see how the players have utilized the space created by the concept of the 2v2 restart. The outside defending players are drawn by the ball carrier towards the touchline having the ball available in both hands. Again, the ball carrier uses the inside support who happen to be the two players that were involved in the scrum.