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Seven's - Speed Training

See some of the exercises the England 7's players go through for fitness & speed

Video Subtitles

If you touch on a bit of everything okay with only speed session this week, so I'll be bit of acceleration. Okay bit of acceleration from a change of Direction and then we'll do some flying runs at the end. Okay for top running speed we usually split the training into to a short week this week because of competition but usually we'll look at acceleration in one session and mechanics involved in that and then we'll look at Max velocity. So upright sprinting in the second session or the other session in the week. What we've done today is a bit of both but we've tried to revisit some of the stuff we've done in previous week's on what would be the ideal acceleration model what that would look like and then bolt that on to rugby specific movements are today. We're doing some cutting from reactions basically, so trying to tag on the skills that they've learned on to some of the world with a ball in hand. Hey, you should use him as a visual about this space away where he wouldn't put your arm out. Okay, where you going to cut outside that arm frame? So the boys Cones are going to be there is a visual with arms out to hands. Okay, you looking to 45° plant the foot but get your shoulders going in the direction. You want to go move the ball as quickly as possible to drive out same rules apply chest as far forward as you can out there. Okay ball tucked in in the arm need drivers as high as you can on the exit for the first three steps go. Firstly we're sprinting to improve speed times. Secondly. It's going to help with injury prevention as well. But you have to run fast to endure running fast. So that's another part of it. But because it's a multi-directional sport as auditory and visual reactions involved as well. We're trying to bolt that on but we base a lot of our work on individual needs. So although it was a generic session some of the individual points in the coaching come from high-speed camera work some Diagnostics we've done with some Partners in terms of their speed and their running mechanics in a full transfer through the floor. So individuals know those specifics and we talk about them one on one between drills. And so although it looks like generic there's some bespoke coaching points for individuals within those sessions Breaky did a little bit of this on that turn get your shoulders over get underneath your hip. We said about improving 10 meter speed or each one improve 4050 what sort of thing we're trying to enjoy everything we can maximize our outputs then everything else should be more efficient for a so yeah. We're trying to improve both and some We'll have acceleration development needs and some people have Max printing felonies, but then you also have the position on need. So I done Alton's needs to work need to work on those flying sixty seventy eighty S as well, whereas some of our bigger guys who are so the ball carriers balls stays as a dynamic Runners and the guys that will offer more will tend to work on some of the footwork and acceleration mechanics from that is the fastest out there. And who's the coach's dream? He's the guy that's got the best technique the dandelions. Obviously. I fly on he'll be pleased to hear me say that he's really really good at the top speed work. Especially Marcus Watson has amazing feat and footwork change direction ability and he's quite quick Off the Mark as well. But but as a group, they're all very fast for for the cohort we work with and looking with 15s before you've got much wider spread of speeds from the props to your to your full backs and we don't have that here. Everyone's more of a closely knit in terms of that. The results are pulling out. Okay, pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick up pick up hips up. Nice party good.