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Sevens - Uncovered - Attack

Elite coaches discuss their attacking philosophies and this underpines the skills and techniques they will work on as coaches and the type of trainign sessions they will plan. As a coach how do you coach the skills that the Fijian players possess or the patience the Welsh side had to win the last 7's world cup. Does the team represent the ideas and plans of the coach?

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The man at the Quarry of rugby sevens is its emphasis on all-out attack with players fitter and defenses meaner than ever before increasingly teams are having to plot and scheme their way across the white wash. 99 sets off a veteran of many a whale Sam's campaign Island Brew the tough guy the Speedster turning someone inside and out a tremendous run from Holland prove. The whales the Bedrock of seven strategy is patience and be no better example of that than their Rugby World Cup sevens campaign back in 2009. There's a tree over there simply handy with sweat all over the field maintaining possession was a huge thing. You know, when you take that contact with strong and it everybody was from it and made that actually I And he's patient and wild hit delete in order to get our patients. We need to experience I think with a lot of experience in our in our site, you know combined with a lot of Youth coming through but very talented youth coming through. He's been on the circuit for a few years which appeal has been. Rick for this championship in particular journeyman to all intents and purposes for Heroes one and all having thoughts to this find out who experienced players is a position would not rain for sins with our patients in call that extra fees to school. I tried it a good mix of Youth and experience and our team. They have won the Rugby World Cup sevens Title Here in Dubai little chipper Chase Africa's quick. It's a dive on the ball and the try each Nation brings a slight variation one scene constantly striving to redefine the seventh Playbook is South Africa. I think what does is it really about the you know, just to creating a point of difference and because we wanted the smallest teams on the circuit we have to you know, create other opportunities for ourselves where we can exploit space and where we can manipulate the defense, you know, where we can create more opportunities for ourselves. We need to be different in just a way that week we launch our attack and we've set up our taking place is it's completely different to all the other teams are playing and that emphasis on Innovation not confined to open play and even employed the surprise rolling more and to good effect. All the teams are doing their analysis. They know exactly what you're going to bring on game day. So you have to create something else to make it special and for you to break the defense line. I think people are always scared to implement, you know, something something different because they don't know whether it's going to work or not. But I think once you overcome this fear of implementing new things and it becomes easier, they are so many opportunities. Are they just have to go out there and just keep looking for the one person that's going to make a difference in your taking place. A lot of play revolves around Fashion Diva our taking place but in saying that I think the rest of the Supporting Cast are have come through and then show what they can do it, right? He stepped up and this is day two time for us and what a Fiji the secret to their attacking game is that they don't always know what's coming next. You can see that the most of our game I'm not distracted we play what's in front of us. All the time is the dynamic game it moves around all the time. So it keeps changing and that's why I think most of the team are finding it very hard to play against Reggie. Something sevens is still all about speak. A brand is kind of like a free player the Fijian probably Pacific Islanders style and we want to be probably they've been makers of clean running back be Colleen's one of the quickest possible players in the Arabic and I feel like speed is on the main entities in silence. What you try to create is a bit of a mismatches and put our place in space and then we replant that moves you can choose fast phase II face. At least we try at least to school after fourth fifth given business in terms of going forward. And if you want to be the best you have to be able to dominate everything that we do.